Why I Desire to Join Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-05-26


While there are a plethora of other fewer fun fraternities to choose from, it is the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. that caught my eye. It's a show stealer for a personality like mine. I know am cool, and everything and everyone knows that alphas call the shots, but that's not what makes me feel obliged to join this fraternity. It's neither the positive response and the respect you get by introducing yourself as an Alpha nor the fact that we all feel the need to belong to a group of people we think share the same convictions as ourselves. While what follows is, for the most part, my personal opinion of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and the fundamental reason why my heart craves to belong to them. Also with a deep sense of self-confidence, I believe the Alphas are worthy of someone like me, and my contributions would go a long way to further the course of Alpha Inc.

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Brotherhood: The Essence of Alpha Phi Alpha

First and foremost, even though this is not a list of things I adore about being an alpha male, is the real brotherhood. At alpha, is where society finds its true meaning and care and concern for one another is not uncommon among its esteemed members. Most importantly, there is the respect that each of the members seems to have for their fellow brothers and being an African American male this means the world to me. I like that the respect is all real and goes both ways unlike in other fraternities where I have heard that older members will destroy the future of new members by forcing them to do things they most certainly regret afterward. This community is all about looking out for each other's welfare and bringing out the best in its members. And that is something worth signing up for.

Academic Excellence: A Driving Force in Alpha Membership

Academic excellence culture is another reason I desire Alpha membership. I dream of scaling the heights of academia and taking my place as a leader in my field of study and African American community. I want to leave a legacy and be a great leader and also fight for the rights of the black people like Dr. Martin Luther King and others who have shown their courage in fighting for equality. I want to serve humanity by rendering dependable service to all and advocacy in my community, and this is the real reason I want to be part of the progressive Alpha Phi Alpha fellowship.

Leadership Development: A Pathway to Personal and Collective Growth

Alpha membership helps develop leadership skills and offers an opportunity to improve the same skills in others. I would like to learn how to work with others with the same gifting and learn first-hand by doing how to lead. My joining the Alpha will benefit e and other members of the brotherhood greatly because I will facilitate the growth of others as well offering my unique leadership skills and serving along with others.


Having read and understood the mission statement of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, to develop leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence while providing service and advocacy for our communities, I have decided this is for me. I found that these objectives were in line with my long-term goals and aspirations and personal principles. I adore the core values held by the brotherhood and personally observe them in my day to day life.

I believe that I am cut out for this and will benefit the fraternity greatly when it comes to youth empowerment. I see the best in others, and that is perhaps my greatest gifting when it comes to finding potential leaders and facilitating their growth and development as well. I believe in passing on ethical values and live my everyday life conscious that I am an example to others and I want to be an even better one.

While this is quickly turning into a small novel on the many reasons I desire to be an Alpha, the above are just the backbone principles that I find appealing about the Alpha Phi fraternity and the one niche where I would make myself useful. I have resolved to join the Alphas and hold a strong conviction that I live for what they stand for. I am eager to learn more about the brotherhood and hope to find a new opportunity for personal development and communal growth.

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