Why American Dream isn't so American?

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Date:  2021-03-11

Killing as well as stealing does more harm than good to the lives of victims and those who are attached to them. They have made the country to lag behind on issues which we would have achieved three decades ago. Let's look at our brothers in the pool of blood at Istanbul, women like Nazia Akhtar burning to ashes due to family love triangle and feuds, young people engaging in crime activities in the major citizens and states due to unemployment. Then I pause; ask a rhetoric which lands on a deaf ear! Why America's dream isn't America! In America, people engage in various crimes. Which range from murder, assassinations, shoplifting and conning. Murder, in particular, have different effects in the society, some have everlasting effects while others have short term effects. A killing of a non-famous person has a little or no effect on the society and is treated as an unexpected event. Such killings can be traced from the times of Martin Luther King when he was fighting for deliberation of Negros from social segregation in which so many people died unnoticed. In cases of assassinations, a scene which involves famous political leaders who fight for the rights of the disadvantaged, things turn from bad to worse. The assassination of Anwar Sadat, for instance, brought a permanent pressure on the Middle East diplomacy. During the American civil war, the country was divided into two regions due to assassinations. The North and the South. The North were to follow the commands of Lincoln while the southerners were hanging aloof mourning for the confederacy. The division took the time to merge hence making the country to lag behind on matters about economic development while spending much time and resources to manage problems created by us as a people. During the death of Lincoln, there emerged a significant drift of events between the northern and southerners which worsen the situation even further. The reunion became very much hard and thus working as a nation to achieve one goal was an issue to ponder over. Therefore, we as a nation, we should come boldly and pursue personal examination and at once say no to family feuds, social killings, assassinations, terrorism attacks and political dilemmas which might lead to tensions and riots.

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Stealing, on the other hand, is very detrimental just as killing. In the event of robbery with violence, stealing is deemed to be one of the major causes of killings. Thus, there is a strong correlation between the two. It is evident that when a business suffers a shoplifting, it is forced to embed the costs on the price they charge to consumers to cover up losses. The increment in prices lowers the value of a commodity the consumers can buy the same amount of income hence deterioration their welfare. Besides, a loss of tax revenue due to theft can make taxes to be higher hence instilling a thought to the citizens making them lose trust and confidence in the government as far as service provision is concerned. Theft also ripples the levels and or degree of miseries hence diminishing employees and customers morale. When theft is viewed depending regarding age, sex and race, it can further lead to segregation and hatred. It can stay in the mind of an individual and change the behavior and response of the whole society to situations. On a broader sense, home invasions and robberies can lead to the deprivation of resources value. The atmosphere causes by such crimes triggers fear and catalyzes bad relationships among the neighbours hence peace and harmony cease to prevail. Without peace, there is no development and teamwork which can empower individuals to grow. It can also lead to migrations and loss of morale to work to build the nation. Thus, we as Americans, it is high time we should not like what comes from the hands that mourns but should stand tall and work for the benefits we get as it was promised in the holy book.

America is greater than anyone, let's learn from history and use the facts to solve the current political, social, and economic problems which accrue as a result of the crime (killings and stealing).Many lives have been lost; natives have been forced to vacate their matrimonial lands, tribes tore apart, but we still seem as if all is well and nothing had happened. We as a people should recognize that the fabrics of our well-being are woven from the minor decisions we make. Besides, we should also be reminded that we borrow the current situations, opportunities from the future generations. Therefore, as a unit, we should a rise and end all sorts of crime that can bring miseries and anxiety to the people. Arise as one and achieve one goal, arise a unit and achieve social wellbeing, a rise and make America great again, arise and be a touch bearer of the deprived and the lowly in the society.

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