Web Traffic Partners - Marketing Analysis Outcomes

Paper Type:  Literature review
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Date:  2021-03-31

Outcome 1: Client information at Web Traffic Partners,

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A study was conducted to evaluate the impact of clients' data confidentiality on a firm. In the first firm, there was little integrity in managing the customer information while in the second company, a subtle measure was taken on the same (Taylor, 2004). The findings revealed that people were not willing to purchase products from the firm which exhibited little integrity to client information unlike the other firm (Taylor, 2004). The same case can be linked to the sales and marketing department at Web Traffic Partners, where clients information is documented manually and hence at risk for manipulation. Customers prefer confidentiality of their information for security and other reasons.

Outcome 2: The business process in the Sales and Marketing units have been unreliable,

As previously stated, there is no system at the sales and marketing department to help in accounting for losses at Web Traffic Partners. Studies have revealed that information collected by the sale department can be used in forecasting for sales and losses (Peterson, Gordon, & Palghat, nd). The information is used to predict the trends at the sales and marketing department. Since other departments at Web Traffic Partners already has a running system for detecting the predicting losses, it can be adopted by sales and marketing units in the meantime.

Outcome 3: Ethics for both external and internal environments and impact on policies.

Public relation is an ethical issue that affects the profitability of an organization (Kykanloo, Ma'atoofi, Ahmadian, Abadi, Mallaei, Taheranpur, & Shirzadi, 2012). Web Traffic Partners sales and marketing department has been shown to have an inferior relation with the public, and this increases the chances of losing customers. Embracing a public relation improvement strategy can be key to improving sales.

Outcome 4: Organizational culture at the sales and marketing department,

The sale and marketing units are hosted by the same section in Web Traffic Partners. However, the collaboration between the two has significantly deteriorated and affected the sales. Studies have revealed that sales and marketing activities are intertwined, and none can excel without contribution from the other unit (Peterson et al., n.d.). There is a need for alignment of efforts between the two units for a positive outcome.

Outcome 5: The sourcing services from uncertified individual for sales and marketing activities,

However, outsource has been a common practice across various industries, it is vital to work with certified individuals. For instance, certified personnel seems professional when offering their services which are a positive aspect of the firm (Parvatiyar & Sheth, 2001). The certified individual understands the value of good customer relationships which has an impact on its sale and marketing activities.

Outcome 6: Training Sales and marketing managers on leadership skills,

Some resources and time spent on training managers on leadership skills is reflected in the performance at the organizational level. Studies have shown that organizations that spend more time and resources on leadership skills have improved sales (Jehanzeb & Bashir, 2013). Web Traffic Partners have the role of training the sales and marketing managers on leadership skills to promotes their sales.


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