Volkswagen: Unethical Practice of Software Engineering Exposed - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-05


The use of the decisive device and violated conduct of software engineering describes the unethical practice of the Volkswagen company. Volkswagen emission scandal began in 2015 by the United States environmental protection agency after learning decisive techniques of the Volkswagen company. The idea of legal ethics is broadly pronounced on the illegal development of software by a team of engineers of the Volkswagen company. Volkswagen developed software introduced the concept of legal ethics issues by using a lying and detecting tool that works in favor of the company and not on the interest of the customers and the public in general. Additionally, there is a violation of legal ethics by the team of engineers; this violation practice includes engineers act such acting in the manner that is in the best interest of clients and maintenance of integrity at their professional judgment. Furthermore, the issue of legal extends to the professional conduct of engineers' acts advancing integrity and reputation. The essay broadly analyses the case Volkswagen emission scandal by discussing the background of the case, the ethical problem in the case, and personal opinion on Volkswagen's conduct.

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Background of the Case

As earlier mentioned, the Volkswagen emission scandal started in September 2015 by the United States environmental protection agency after learning the conduct of the company at the expense of environmental health. The United states agency in control of the ecological health learned about the decisive software of the company, which served in the best interest of the company instead of customers (Che, Katayama, & Lee 2019). Volkswagen violated the United States clean air act by activating emission controls during the emission testing in laboratories. The whole practice describes the background and conduct of the company at the expense of public health and the environment at large.

Ethical Problem

The idea of the moral problem of the Volkswagen emission scandal lies in the detection of emission testing and the use of decisive software, which ruins the state of environmental health. The company used detective techniques that violate environmental health acts in the region. Lying is part of decisive conduct that describes the habit of the company, which marks the problem of the case and ethical issue at large. The problem once more extends to selling diesel that produces higher amounts of nitrogen four gas. What makes the whole scenario a scandal is the idea that the company used decisive software intentionally in the region.

Opinion on Volkswagen Conduct

The conduct of the Volkswagen company violates the clean air act of the United States. On personal stands, the company should have followed legal laws and abide by the state's regulations governing the clean air act. Its act is against the professional conduct of software engineers as it serves as the best interest of the company. Additionally, in personal opinion, the intentional act of lying destroys the whole image and promotes its scandal practice. As the CEO of the company, I would have corrected and reassured the public of quality products that the company will produce afterward. I would have promised to remove all the decisive software and reorganize significant stakeholders of the company, Volkswagen.


To sum up, the Volkswagen emission scandal started after the United States agency in charge of the environment learned about the decisive software of the company. The ethical issue or problem lies in the technology of the company, which involves a violation of the policy regarding the environment. In persona opinion, the company's conduct was beyond the interest of the public and environmental health.


Che, X., Katayama, H., & Lee, P. (2020). Willingness to Pay for Brand Reputation: Lessons from the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal. Retrieved from

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