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The ProQuest company is happy and eager to announce that the Ex Libris Alma library services platform and Ex Libris Primo discovery solution has been arranged the United States Federal Risk And Authorization program, an authorization that is possessing its sponsorship from the health department and human service. This was achieved after a regular evaluation of the program that demonstrated several critical evaluations that demonstrated the security control and practices of the Primo and Ex Libris to meet the United Stated government standards and requirement. FedRAMP is an organization within the United States government system that provides the required and appropriate approach to the security assessment, continuous monitoring and authorization for cloud services and products that the existing federal agencies plan to use. The whole process generally validates cloud services all over the United States government agencies giving the country public sector a very significant framework in establishing the required trust in cloud services and as a result of this, it saves the USA government resources and time.

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JERUSALEM, ISRAEL, September 24, 2019 - Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, continues to announce that the organization has completely achieved and surpass the Fed RAMP Tailored authorization that is designed to provide a solution to challenges that are really low risk. The company, therefore, comes with a lot of challenges according to the news released, which includes the ability to invest in several research and innovation that will enable it to improve that services offered by the cloud system. This, according to the news released is not only as a motivation factor to the organization but a challenge to enable them to improve in their innovation because they have been entrusted by the security of the cloud services and products within the United States. This comes as a surprise and a piece of breaking news for the organization to provide and manage the cloud services and product. But it now stands as a reality and FedRAMP having achieved the authorization from the united states government must now prove they are competent not only to manage the security threat but also to provide required improvement and sufficient service delivery within the security docket.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL, September 24, 2019 - Ex Libris, a ProQuest company news clearly states that it is this was the organization that stands out to be most qualified in offering the security services to the state. This according to the news dated September 24, 2019, is because the organization achieved the all the requirement that was needed to be certified by FedRAMP authorization which the testimony of the organization concerning their high level of the cloud security operation. Having met all the requirement by FedRAMP the organization was cleared and authorized to take charge of the united states cloud services which stands out to be one of the most important security sectors within the USA.

According to Yair Amsterdam, the current operating chief officer at ProQuest, FedRAMP has always been considered to be the outstanding standards as far asset of the security concerns of the clouding companies is viewed. Therefore the clearance from the FedRAMP was a clear boost to the organization as this shows it competent towards service delivery. Ex Libris was dedicated and committed to achieving high standards in the sector of cloud security services and the clearance by FedRAMP is clear evidence of their commitment to delivering a quality level of cloud security. This achievement will, therefore, allow the USA government and its agencies to easily select the required services and to use the Ex Libris solution to attain the benefits of cloud services which includes, productivity, improvement in the user experience, security and manageable savings.

Yair Amsterdam states that Ex Libris which is a ProQuest company is one of the leading provider of cloud-based services globally. Through the services that the organization offers to the citizens, it enables individual users, to manage, share and create knowledge. This was a key consideration in approving the organization worth for managing the cloud-based security system as the United States wanted a forum where they can share and learn globally because knowledge was now considered to be global affair and research is done globally. The organization also developed several creative solutions to the recurring problems and this highly improved the library productivity, enhances teaching and maximizes on the research activities which together improves the student's mobile engagement. The student engagement was therefore restricted to several security measures provided by the organization and this stands as a position to enable bring forth a meaningful engagement.

The ProQuest company and its related news is generally focused on supporting and improving the significant works are happening in the research world and the learning community in general. The company, therefore, filter out only important contents and it does not portray any other new that might not be important to the whole world. It, therefore, assist in knowledge building, indexed documentation and assembling of archives providing news that can assist in research.

Reference (2019).

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