Thinks That Led to Miscalculation Essay

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Date:  2022-06-19


Chase focused on the information that Zipcars had been connected with early in 2000 thus her miscalculations were connected to lack of time cognizance. Zipcars had filled the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe and CNN by October 2000 since the company had only 430 members (Ancona & Reavis, 2014). Additionally, Chase had focused on the business model that was not working the way it was designed to work. Chase also paid a blind eye to the fact that every shared car was said to reduce to 7.5 fewer owners on the roads.

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In Chase's position and Possible Actions as the CEO of the Company

As the CEO of Zipcar, I would re-establish a corporate culture of the organization instead of assuming that every information outlined in financial and operational records were accurate. I would enhance flexibility as the CEO to diversify the company's operations in other countries as a way of reducing the fading of the company's strategies (Ancona & Reavis, 2014). I would employ more employees with creative minds, and as the CEO, I would embrace any single creative spirit in the company. Additionally, I would be mindful of the way other contemporary leaders like Mark Zuckerberg employs to ensure that the approaches towards the success of the company are in line with the post-modern approaches.

As the CEO, I would hire individuals who are capable of carrying sophisticated mathematical calculations to supplement the less accurate skills that Chase was lacking. Taking a finance course is the measure that is required to enhance the intensive operation within the company. As the CEO of the company, I would have made some structured studies to determine the requirements of the success of the company. The study would involve identification of the company's PESTEL, and SWOT analysis to be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company in the business market (Ancona & Reavis, 2014). Identification of the company's PESTEL and SWOT analysis would have saved the facility from facing its downfall in the business market and the unexpected low returns as outlined by Chase.

The quest for building a wireless communication would accompany itself with the proper inquiry of the consumer market to ensure that the conversation reaches the horizons that it is expected to achieve (Ancona & Reavis, 2014). There could be no point in establishing a blind ear to any concerns in the company's models to ensure that the facility could develop the best strategies towards achieving success.

How My Approach Would Have Differed?

My approach towards running the company differs with that of Chase. For instance, Chase did not make any inquiry about the happenings in the society and business market that could help the company to identify the challenges concerning the adoption of technological approaches. According to my decision, I would consider carrying out PESTEL and SWOT analysis to be able to structure out the desired models to enable the company to maneuver through the competitive market. Networking concerning the company was generally poor thus my approach would be different since it would consider different attitudes towards the discovery of the most appropriate and workable manner of structuring the facility (Ancona & Reavis, 2014). Additionally, lack of relevant accounting skills amid lack of qualified personnel in both accounting and marketing of the company's products brought about the unprecedented challenges in the company. For that matter, my approach as the CEO of the company would be different since it involves employing qualified accounting personnel together with the qualified operations manager.


Ancona, D. & Reavis, C. (2014). Robin Chase, Zipcar, and an Inconvenient Discovery. MIT Sloan Management.

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