The Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Twilight Zone Films Essay

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Date:  2022-05-26

The Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a film that was released in the 1950s in Santa Mira, California. It was an exciting film because of its premise. Politics are significant contributions to the cold war in this case because State groups started taking control of towns owned by other people forcefully. Other giant-looking mysterious creatures replaced people increasing tension in the town to an extent of making life difficult in the town. It implies that evil has taken power and control of the previously peaceful town. The film has greatly emphasized its message to the theme of the authority that is legitimate to label behaviors for easy differentiation between the negative and positive things in the ruling team. Throughout the film, it is emphasized that the professionals would not control the town because they are not as legitimate as the police force. It is argued that the police force is one of the most entrusted agencies in the state and it has legitimate permission and mandate to exercise physical force when solving problems (Judith, p 19). This shows there is some scramble for power that has automatically led to the cold war between groups and individuals. Faith and believing in other friends has been a critical aspect of the film due to a series of problems that have forced the residents to trust each other to survive. Some people have changed to mysterious duplicates of themselves thus making it difficult for friends to differentiate one another from his/her mysterious duplicate.

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In The Twilight Zone episodes, there is much of social concern that controls the behavior of the people in the film. For instance, there is the culture of a believe that nightmares reflect bad happenings in the society. Most of the people in the film are suffering from the problem of bad and scaring dreams throughout their lives. This is a social feeling that has affected the community for a very long period. I think if the country could interpret these nightmares well without putting their cultural stands on them, there would be no cold wars caused by such tension. The film delves into cultural and social beliefs, making it hard for the groups to live in peace with no presence of cold war. People dream about dangerous weapons being produced by their enemies in future hence making them start preparing for their weapons. For instance, Rod Sterling was able to predict that there would be fears and cries in America after the second world war. Due to this nightmare, America decides to prepare their security by developing their weapons to nuclear class to be able to fight their enemies well in case of war erupted. Other people dream of other catastrophic attacks from neighbors and enemies in future. This makes them decide on the best weapons that they may use in future to fight (Robert, p 1-8).


From the above illustrations, it is clear that the films illustrate the political, social and cultural factors that caused the emergence and growth of cold war in Europe in the 1950s. Those discussed factors caused fear and lack of trust among states hence making every country to find ways of protection from their enemies.

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