The Impact of Sports (FIFA World Cup 2018) to Russian Economy

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Today at the comfort of people's homes, there is a story in the town running within the newsrooms and giant media are disseminating the information preparing people of all races, color, gender, sex and so on to reach out to Russia. Across all borders, the buzz comes in a different interpretation of what will take place in the Russian soil in the next three months. Its name is the FIFA world cup. The anticipation of this giant event is just but one of the fruits stemming from what was a culture inculcated in the long gone days. Sports have been a culture of this great country. It has played an insurmountable role in the build-up of the expansive economy. Therefore treating the coming event (world cup) as important as the Russian government is doing, would remind all that sports have become part of the tenets that support Russian economy.

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In the sports world, Russia remains a dominant country which is known for its continued strength and success. In the era of Soviet Union, the USSR national team made historical backgrounds as far as sports were concerned winning about 14 medals out of 18 in the Olympic appearances. Dented with all reasons to emulate the sport's pioneers, Russian national teams in different sports category has never dropped. In particular, the Russian football team has never gone below third place in the world rankings. The reason behind such a resilient attribute is due to rigorous traditions and strong cultural background that has been making the powerhouse called Russian sports. A confirmation to the fact that Russian economy partially depends on sport are the sentiments of Arkady Dvorkcich Russian deputy prime minister on 2018 FIFA world cup "the tournament has already started to boost our economic development within the host regions, and it is deemed to have a positive long-term on the country's economic impact."

One of the most popular types of activity in Russia is sports. There are several terms used to describe particular sports such as amateur sports and professional sports. All these are connected with general physical training with the zeal of doing great at the international levels where they are developed and popularized. Many children in Russian start sports training in their earlier years as they get acquainted with different types of sports while attending established specific sports sections. Researchers have indicated that after 2012, there has been a sharp rise in amateur football and other sports. Since time immemorial, games have been used as one of the social facets to bring together communities in championing common ideologies. During the post world war II period, sports played some of the major roles in making the Soviet states. The achievements of the soviet athletes within the international arena were some of the sources of that brought great national pride to the country. During this time, several categories were played such as hockey, athletes, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and weightlifting.

Sports and its development in Russia has been one of the main factors that increase the country's competitiveness. In fact, there are important reasons that compel European countries and communities to discuss the possibility of removing sanctions from production and finance to the sporting level. The sports achievements in great ways have placed Russia in world platform as well as returning the sense of pride within the country after the Soviet Union had collapsed. The development of sporting activities is given the priority by the Russian president in early 2000. Having pinpointed sports as one of the key element the country had to embrace, the president officiated the sporting activities by calling for the identification of talents. This fact is mirrored by the goals and objectives of the country's agendas from the sporting ministry.

As indicated that several social issues bring Russian people together, sports is posited to be one of the social institutions that have played a great role in fostering unity in Russia. However, to present such a robust and competent team almost across the sporting are, it must have been a culture that dates back to the pioneers of sports in Russia. Currently, all the world economies that are doing excellently, sporting activities are considered core and given resources for development. Equally, Russia has come from afar with sporting. The sports ministry data indicate that almost all Russian children are enrolled in sports academy each year to pursue different sports of their choices. Regarding sports, Russia is considered to be highly developed and most successful in sports. There are various types of sports within Russia which are seen to be favorite of many citizens. These include hockey, tennis, rugby, and gymnastics, bandy among others.

This year's world cup marks the 21st world cup tournament held since the tournament was started. However, the tournament had never been held in Europe. Therefore, the awarding of the event to Russia which was done in January 2009 where all national associates were given until February to register their interest is in line with Russian goals in boosting their economy with an inclusive agenda based on tapping talents of the county's citizens. Having participated in the tournament ten times, the host country for 2018n FIFA world cup country knows the charming benefits the event will impact in their expansive economy.

Undeniably, Russia has been one of the sports giants and has been popular as far as sporting activities are concerned. What exactly makes Russia be on edge? This is the question everybody seems to ask. Watching from home and other joint places, it is noticeable that Russian economy has strengthened due to its robust methods that have been employed in the sports arena. The popularity of sports in Russia has always been rising. Research in the field of sports indicates that at least a half of Russians have attempted or tried some sport during their childhood with many of them in several different types.

As a rule, the Russian kind of classical sport seems to follow a given pattern. This is connected to the period of the Soviet Union where there was big attention ton physical education given to the Russian youths, and this must have occasioned a lot of sporting influence. In many instances, international athletes lead by Russian trainers excels to the world level competitions. Evidently, this is attestable by the fact that quite often Russian athletes are seen fighting for medals annually with other countries. One of the research article published on the sun described this situation as a woven Russian national plant that they must be in sports. In fact, while you are watching international competitions, you probably will hear that the sportsmen and trainers easily understand one another since they all speak Russian.

Russia's Economy and Sports

The upcoming world championship which is taking place in Russia this June-July is deemed to be a great time for millions of sports lovers around the globe. As well, it is touted that the Russian economy is destined to witness an upsurge. Sporting events such as world cup typically promote the image of the country. In addition to this, the organization and preparation of the world-class tournament like this boost the development of transport, sport and social infrastructure. The world cup championship will take place for the first time in Russia, all the eleven cities (Moscow, Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Rostov Saransk among others) within the confines of the country is prepared and geared to witness a mammoth of football fans. In preparation to host the world cup, Russia has been in the process of raising sizable funds to create the much-needed facilities within the country. The total cost for undertaking these developmental preparations is estimated at $ 13 billion. This fund will be covered by various levels of the public budgets which will take about 70% of the cost as the private sector levels up the remaining 30%.

Within the limelight of world giant and supper power sporting activities, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has expressed hope that the world tournament will showcase Russia as a global superpower as well as reinvigorate the country's economy. The president's sentiments were as well echoed by the World Bank through Reuters confirming that the spending spree and preparations for the event have already given an economic mileage to the country whose economy suffered last year due to the two-year downturn. Based on the scheduling of the second and third quarters of the world cup, there are short-term effects which are taking place in the economy. There has been the creation of different jobs coupled with an increase in demand for consumer products and services. The analysts at Gaidar instate asserted that the world cup event which will occupy the eleven cities across the country can add up to 0.2 percent to boost the annual gross domestic product growth within the second and third quarters.

Russia has eventually gained by pitching its tent on top of other countries. The world cup is such a festive event that comes with a lot of infrastructural development indeed. For instance, the ongoing developments concerning the enormous budget that Russia has received in a bid to boost its economy, a lot more regarding revenue collections beckons. Based on the available statistic and research on tourist and football supports, it is indicated that about 500,000 tickets have been sold off to foreign tourists with an exclusion of non-cup related travels. The economic impact of the coming world cup will most certainly be visible to restaurants, retailers, and hotels. Going by the research done on countries that have hosted the world cup, it is estimated that visitors who come in the country to show support and solidarity to their national teams do spend twice as much as money than the usual sightseers. This is typical of the fact that the cost of food and beverages, accommodation and souvenirs doubles at such times. Ideally, the economy of Russia is set to boom.

Russia General Assembly Recognized Value of Sport

Development of peace and peaceful coexistence has been one of the debates ongoing on the mainstream agenda of most countries. With the recent revelation of the impact of sports culture, the Russian general gave the green light to new measures introduced in sports to align it to the main goal: peace fostering tenet. Sports can offer a diplomatic bridge to peace as well as being a vehicle for healing cultural and political rifts among different communities. These were some of the sentiments that were asserted to the general assembly during its rigorous campaign to review the progress of implementing the 2012 resolutions on the potential of sporting activities to be used to act as both developmental and educational tool. During the session, the vice president of the assembly Greta Gunnarsdottkir asserted that the nations, as well as their people, get together as they play sports. Being together during sports had been found to increase cooperative associations between communities across the different cultural and political boundaries and even create peace in the warring nations. These were the first ideas that compelled Russia to take sporting activities to the next level.

Recent developments in sports and culture are geared towards the organization's initiatives to align sport with the social policies such organizing football matches to create awareness concerning poverty programs. In a bid to diversify in different sporting activities, the Russian government took the initiative to support the upstart of different sports including:

Ice hockey- this is one of the favorite sports in Russia. Its inception dates back to the fact that the government sought innovation and full potential of...

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