Summary of What Took Place in the Service

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Date:  2021-03-04

In being Jews, it is important to live in a Jews community. People are so observant however it is difficult to individuals who are unfamiliar and new to Judaism. My visits to the service in the synagogue has always been crucial. The synagogue charged entrance fee because the days were the Holy Days. Since Jews law expects people to honor their bodies, people in the service were dressed in dignity to show their holiness. Women and men were separated; this is due to the Judaism doctrine where men are prohibited to gaze at women.

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During the service, a cantor led during prayers, and for the most of the service, he acted as a vocal bookmark. Whenever he sang or said something, the people in the synagogue knew what to say. There were times he spoke only a few words, and the congregation said the next paean or psalm. However, other times there were response recitations, where the congregation repeats what the Cantor says. During prayer times, also led by the cantor, using a prayer book, some prayer from different sections were said while sitting while some parts while standing. All the prayers were in Hebrew. The common response heard from the congregation most of the time was Amain. The rabbi gave a sermon during the prayers, and there were also study classes during the service, which are vital for growth in Judaism.

On this Sabbath day, there was a Kiddush; a blessing over wine that is normally said every holiday and Sabbath. The congregation had donated cake wine and other foods for the congregation to eat after prayers. The congregation only started eating after the Rabbi recited the Kiddush and drunk the wine to show that the congregation can begin eating.

The consistency of the Sermon with Christian doctrine

Close fraternal bonds were uniting the Christian doctrine of Judaism. The sermon established close relations with the Christian Bible maybe because the Holy Scriptures is composed of most of the Christian Bible. As a Jewish and Christian, you must follow the Holy Scriptures. Both religions believe in only one God, who is the creator and ruler of the Universe. Judaism reveals its law in Torah, which contains 613 commands while Christianity reveals its law in The Holy Bible, which contain the ten commands. However, the Christian Bible is clear towards the authority of its law. In Romans 6: 14, Bible states that Christians are not under the law. Instead, they are under grace. Jesus Christ delivered his people from the obscenity of the law. However, among the Catholics commands have existed in the form of canon law. Judaism expects Jewish to observe the law to show their holiness. In the Synagogue, men and women were separated, and people dressed according to the law of the Torah. The major agreement of the two faiths in the sermon was the acceptance of the Old Testament and its inspired teachings.

The truths that are consistent is the creation of the world by God out of nothing and the cleansing of sin in these religions are carried out through prayer, God's mercy, sacrifices and righteous acts. Prayer is an integral part of both religion and carried out in the church and synagogues accompanied with worship. The sermon depicted that Christianity has got a lot from Judaism; the fundamental knowledge about God, coming together to worship and Gods covenant with His People.

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