Sociology Essay Sample: Social Workers and Thier Role

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Date:  2021-04-05

Student one

I agree with you that the most common social problem that results in patient admission is substance abuse. Also, it is agreeable that these patients' causes of drug abuse is not just in that it is a product of their environment, but because it is their way to cope and deal with stress, anger, and depression. Additionally, I believe that the social policy of patients obtaining quality care and assistance during alcohol addiction and substance abuse treatment is the best strategy to deal with the in-patients. More so, it is true that in-patients can get out of their crisis when they get to learn coping skills for substance abuse, attend group sessions, and get to express themselves with the social workers.

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On a broader perspective, skills needed for social workers are human knowledge and assist in addressing co-occurring human behaviors that arise from substance abuse. Garthwait (2014) asserts that social workers are committed to taking a strong point of view from their clients, address their problems, and build their strong points. One more way of how hospital social workers can help patients get proper medication for their treatment, social workers should provide support to their families, and assist them to find stable housing irrespective of their ethnicity. In the context of social policy, the hypothesis of substance abuse should apply to interventions that require motivation, knowledge, and resources to help the affected population.

In general, the role of social workers in the fight against drug abuse has high importance such as assisting people with drug problems. The social policy should aim to eliminate disparities in substance abuse and achieve the largest gains for the individuals who have substance and alcohol abuse addiction. The federal government should develop more social work developmental programs centers that focus on drug addiction in the community.

Student two

On a large note, it is agreeable that homeless students are unable to acquire adequate housing. Also, it is true that there are a lot of challenges homeless students face, including academic, social, and socio-emotional challenges. Evidently, there are increased risk factors for homeless students such as dropping out of school as they tend to have low academic achievement. Besides, it is agreeable that factors such as the death of a parent and eviction, which have led to homelessness are stressful and result in discomfort as well as chaos among students. Indeed, homeless is one of the significant issues that affect society and academic progress. Additionally, it is impressive that you have managed to employ the McKinney-Vento Act that provides money and supplies at your field placement.

Also, social workers should play a role in helping the homeless. Garthwait (2012) asserts that social workers should engage in supportive roles such as stress and morale management. From a personal perspective, the federal government should designate a homeless liaison in each school district irrespective of their academic or medical records. On the other hand, Policymakers ought to work on poverty and justice to humanity to eradicate the problem of homelessness. The United States Department of Health and Human Services (2003) in its strategic plan indicates that they are exploring ways to maintain the eligibility of homeless individuals to receive social services. Essentially, they should advocate for proper housing, income, health care and domestic violence to eradicate homelessness.

There is a significant relationship in how is homelessness associated with juvenile delinquency. If the federal government together with non-governmental organizations come up with effective social policies that help the homeless, then academic goals will be achieved. Overall, every person regardless of their position in society has a right to education.


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