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Date:  2022-11-29


Various scholars in so many ways have reviewed the concept of social responsibility in management (2019); it entails the overall obligation and commitment of managers in the organization to take appropriate steps to protect and improve on the society's welfare and their interest. Ethically, social responsibility should not ignore the welfare and needs of the society, policies, decisions made by the organization should focus on improving the values/living standards of the society, and it should strive to earn profits according to the society's values. Social responsibility goes beyond the organizations needs to extend towards the benefits and needs of the community at large.

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Customers expect the organizations they carry out business with to treat them ethically, managers, therefore, need not overcharge their customers, products are of good quality and that customers treated equally in terms of good products to all without favor or inequality (Growther, D & Seifi, 2018).

Therefore, the business managers have to employ social responsibilities for some reasons:

Responsibilities of Managers in the Organization

Managers should enact policies that limit government involvement with their business activity. Therefore, businesses may use ethical decisions that do not affect the community because people involved can address the issues to the government, which in turn involve investigations. Hence, this hurts profit maximization goal of every organization.

Managers have a moral obligation towards the society in order to assist in solving and removing social problems in the community involved. Since an organization consists of various resources like money, men, and competencies, it will require social responsibility of the managers in order to make societal goals of the business entity (Growther, D & Seifi, 2018). Managers should take precautionary measures on how tothat deal with the societal issues before they spread to become a disaster,worsen by dealing with the problems as they arise will would help cut on the additional expensive cost to overcome the disaster.

Challenges to Social Responsibility

Even though managers need to offer these responsibilities freely to society, it is costly on the firm as it creates high social overhead cost. Social responsibility cost does not benefit the organization instantly, as it requires time to realize the benefits to the organization. Hence this lowers the efficiency of the entity to compete with other organizations in the world.

Managers have skills and experiences in the business matters, and the required social responsibility is, therefore, a challenge to them, as they do not have the skills used to solve social issues. Additionally, managers main objective in the business entity is to maximize profit and minimize on the costs, therefore; managers will concentrate on the primary objective to increase their shareholders with little interest following the laws and social issues.


Social responsibility plays a crucial role in communities as it helps solve many problems that might occur; it creates ethical behavior among managers and community members. Therefore, every organization should apply these steps to help improve the living standards of people.


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