Responsibilities of Managers and Leaders Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-20

The leadership of any organization determines whether that organization will succeed or fail in all its undertakings. The managers in a small or medium-sized company are involved in almost all the activities in the organization. The manager acts as a negotiator in both internal and external agreements. The manager negotiates the best deals with the supplies to get things like discounts, free deliveries or replacement of damaged goods. The manager also negotiates between two departments so that work can be done with great understanding and much faster. He also consults on behalf of the company to its employees to agree to specific terms and conditions. A manager taking part in any negotiation should be optimistic and ambitious. He should know in details what he wants from the deal, what is most important and have a bigger picture in mind.

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Most importantly, the manager as a negotiator should not be selfish he should think how the other party will also win. The human resource department is also responsible for enhancing motivational programs in the organization for their employees. The performance of the employees determines that of the organization. Well-motivated employees are likely to be more productive. Managers and leaders should organize on activities and programs that will influence the performance of their employees.

It is the work of the manager to allocate resources. The manager decides which department will get a certain amount of resources depending on the priority of the company goals. The manager should plan and ensure that all the goals of the company are achieved with the resources the company has. While allocating resources, the manager should communicate effectively with other colleagues because the decisions made will affect their performance. On the other hand, the manager should be ready to listen to concerns raised and act accordingly. In resources allocation, the manager should be flexible enough, picture different ways of doing one thing and have a creative mind. Figuring out different alternatives will help the manager allocate resources where they will yield better results and minimize wastage? He should focus on how the company will expand. Leaders and the human resource department of the organization should also oversee the running of projects and accountability to ensure there is no misallocation of resources and funds in the organization (Augier and Teece, 2009). They are also responsible for communicating the progress of the organization to the stakeholders and other investors willing to invest and join the organization.

The manager handles all the disturbances that affect the operations of the company. The manager can decide to re-structure the organization gives different departments and individuals new roles and responsibilities that are in line with the company short and long-term goals. The manager handles both internal and external conflicts, criticism and complains. A good manager should know how to talk with the parties involved and listen carefully to both. He should identify points of disagreement and agreement and come up with ways to resolve the conflict at a point where both parties are satisfied. They should prioritize the area of conflict and come up with plans to solve such issues in case they come up in the future (Sousa, Ruzo and Losada, 2010). The manager should counter negative criticism with new affirming statements. The human resource management should, therefore, be in a position to ensure that all employees and the conflicts that may arise are well-handled in an internal manner without involving a third party in the equation. This will ensure that there is minimal employee turnover since all the employees hold an equal place in the organization regardless of their role and relationship with the management.

Managers take the role of entrepreneurs in the organization. They come up with possible ideas to develop the company. They make decisions whether to carry out any research before making any decision that will affect the future of the company. They initiate different new programs in the company that support the goal of the company. These managers should attract smart people who can meet deadlines. They should be in apposition to outline obstacles and risks before any undertaking and come up with strategies to deal with them. Also, they should be willing to admit mistakes early enough and change course. Errors should not be taken as an opportunity to blame or point fingers in the team but as challenges to overcome. The managers and the team should keep reinventing themselves through industrial conferences, continues education, mentoring programs and coaching. With this, they will handle any kind of change effectively. When it comes to hiring, firing, training, and promotion of employees in the organization, the leaders take up the challenge of ensuring that the organization gets the best there is in the employment field. This will ensure that the organization is well prepared for competition that may arise from other businesses in the same area. The human resource departments of all organizations have the role of ensuring that their employees are trained as often as required to equip them with the recent

As the leaders, the managers should use motivation-oriented programs to ensure the employees are well motivated all the time. The managers should make the employees feel the work that they do is of great importance, and good work will always be rewarded. Also, the employees should be treated fairly always. With a good motivation program, the managers will reduce the rate of turnover; they will be in a position to retain the most talented and experienced employees in the company. This comes hand in hand with providing training programs to their employees. The Human Resource Department of every organization should ensure that with the changes in technology, their employees are not left behind. This will enhance the proper running of the organization and the upcoming activities related to both the internal and external environment of the organization.

Information is very important, and leaders and managers take up the responsibility to find information that affects the company, for example how competition is doing or any tax regulations that might affect the profit of the business. Managers also disseminate information outside the company to all the stakeholders. This can be done internally or source out information from outside sources. The performance of any organization depends on the efficiency of the management, and therefore, their efficiency affects the running of activities in the organization.


In conclusion, the management of any organization profoundly influences the performance of the business and the employees too. Managers are therefore the backbone of the business, and they should work to enhance that there is proper running of events and all departments in the organization for effective results and to ensure that the running of the business is constantly smooth.


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