Research Paper on How Trump's Travel Ban Affects Economy

Date:  2021-04-09 01:41:16
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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Research paper
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

A number of authors, bloggers and journalists have done a discussion in relation to this topic; my discussion is based on the internet sources, particularly the e-materials. I begin with Gay S. Becker, 2017 who states that the executive order given by President Donald Trump prohibiting certain persons from entering into the United States may be for reasons of preventing harmful individuals from coming into the country.

I disagree with this statement to the extent that the persons termed as harm include prospective business persons who would like to invest and prosper in the United States, such persons may be affected in the long-term as they may lack the desire they may have had to go to the United States. Additionally, missing researchers, engineers, academics and other professionals will opt to stay away from the United States because they believe that they are not welcome, John F. Wasik, 2017. Additionally, it is clear that immigrants will have to worry about being singled out even after they have become lawful permanent residents. Their religion and places of birth may be the deciding factor in whether they are allowed to re-enter the United States after traveling abroad, Vivek Wadhwa, 2017.

The travel ban will affect the economy in various ways such as the tourism sectors, higher education sectors and technology at large. Another source for the discussion in agreement is by Ronald McCarthy, who discusses on the effect of the order on the economy. According to him, there may be the creation of instability especially in companies having employees from either of the countries banned that is Sudan, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Libya and Somalia. Certain factors may also arise such as discrimination therefore no creation of ample time in the work place which in turn translates to non-performance and unfavorable results.

I agree with the writer on this note as Technology companies for example Google have called their employees working in the banned countries to go back to the United States. The tourism sector is no exception from the ban. The National Travel and Tourism Office 2014 Market Profile shows that in 2013, Muslim tourists from the Middle East spent an average of 6000 USD with total spending amounting to 6.8 million USD. With Donald Trumps ban on Muslims generally will without a doubt lead to reduction of funds emanating from the tourism sector therefore reduction in the American economy.

Vivek Wadhwa also adds that the technology in the United States will be affected due to the travel ban. Vivek states that studies have indicated that immigrants are more likely to commence job-creating enterprises, not only in technology but also across the economy. There is evidence indicating the reduction in technology in the economy. For instance, the number of billion-dollar start-ups, commonly called unicorns which are located in the United States have been increasingly dramatic.

For the past 15 years, nearly all the unicorns were located in the United States, while in the present day, 86 of the 191 unicorns are in countries such as China and India. This trend is expected to increase. Another company that has responded to the order on the travel ban and is in opposition to the travel ban is the Apple company whose Chief Executive Officer eluded that Apple would not exist without immigration.

The United States trade is likely to be largely affected especially in relation to the proposal to tax Mexican imports in order to pay for a wall along the United States border. The effect on such proposal is that there may be a rise in the cost of goods belonging to the Mexicans. This means that consumers because this will raise the cost of business transactions.

The countries subject to the ban may to a large extent decline in accepting goods from the United States of America which will definitely affect trade. Similarly, the countries subject to the executive order may in retaliation refuse to admit United States citizens to their countries other than boycotting the goods from the United States companies therefore leading to the reduction of trade.

Generally students have also been affected by the order on travel ban. For instance a PhD candidate from the Stanford University who traveled to his native home in Iran was a victim of the executive order by Trump as his coming back to California has been curtailed and is now trying to get back like thousands of other U.S green card and visa holders. In this case, Mostafa Afkhamizadeh traveled to his home country on the 19th day of January but was held up by the executive order. He now states that he is most likely to terminate his doctoral program. Mariam Amini ,2017.

A number of students are concerned whether they will be allowed to continue pursuing their studies. While conversing with the media, Derrick Bolton, the Dean of Stanford Universitys Knight Hennessy Scholars Admissions, states that the immigration ban would do more harm than good as two-thirds of the programs scholars are expected to be international students in the first inaugural year. Mariam Amini, 2017.

In conclusion, Donald Trump's travel ban is seen to have to a larger extent more demerits than merits. The demerits stretch a wider area of United States economy from technology, to tourism, to education and even to trade. Students are seen to be in dilemma as some of them wonder whether they may have to quit their studies despite the fact that it is their Doctoral program. Others are wondering whether they will eventually be allowed back into the states. Those who have been dreaming to study in the states wonder on the extent of stigmatization they may have to face. Trade deals are predicted to decrease in the present day and numerous retaliations are also predicted to likely occur. Promising professionals such as engineers, doctors and even professors are likely to decline on traveling to the states.


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