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Date:  2021-06-17

It is no doubt that Beethoven was one of the greatest German composers of his time. His works are still remembered and embraced in modern day music. He played an integral role in the transition between the classical as well as the romantic musical eras in the western music as an art. Beethoven is widely recalled of his influential and famous composers who comprised of 5 piano concertos, nine symphonies, one violin concerto, 16 string quartets, 32 piano sonatas, one opera Fidelio and his great mass known as the Missa Solemnis.

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Ludwig van Beethoven did not have a distinct style period. He is regarded as either a romantic composer or a classical composer and is widely considered to have played an important role in the transition to the romantic composer style period. During the classical period, he and other classical artists created music that was lighter, had clearer texture as compared to the baroque music and were not complex. Beethoven is remembered as one of the giants if the classic music and was occasionally referred as three Bs that is him, Brahms and Bach with whom they epitomize that tradition. He made significant influence during the transition to Romanticism and also influenced consequent generations of composers.

Beethovens works are distinct from other composers. His works were unique in the context that the creations were large, elongated architectonic structure integrates the comprehensive development of musical themes, material, and motifs often through the means of modulation which infers to a change in the feeling of the home key through various harmonic regions or a variety of keys. Despite his later works illustrating a greater fluidity between keys, his creation was the ability to create solidity in contrasting various keys as well as unexpected notes to accompany them. The elongated harmonic realm created a sense of a vast experimental and musical space through which the music moves. His music parallels the simultaneous creation of the novel in literature. This literary form placed precedence on the life drama as well as development of individuals through complex life situations as well as of German idealisms philosophical notion of mind, self and spirit that unearths through a complicated process of tensions and contradictions between the objective and subjective until a synthesis or resolution takes place where all these developmental and contradictions phases have been mitigated in a higher unity.

Beethoven style of music was inspired by his father, Johann van Beethoven. He followed the footsteps of his father by growing to become a musician just as his father. At first, he became a soprano when still a teenager, then moved to tenor at his youthful ages. The father is said to have also mimicked the talent from the grandfather and a successful musician thus why Ludwig was named after his grandfather.

Beethoven left a legacy and is still recognized for his great works. When he died the Beethoven monument, Bonn was created to commemorate his 75th anniversary an illustration that he played a key role in music. He is credited for his expertise in embracing the expanding range of the piano in his concertos as well as sonatas and also for popularizing steel framed keyboards. Despite, his many achievements and legacy in music, his style of music gave into a new dispensation of music: the romanticism. None of his family members continued with his legacy after he passed on, despite him gaining the talent from his father and grandfather.

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