Religion, Culture, Community Essay

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Date:  2022-05-17

A) Ecclesiological Foundation

The big images of the church today is an implication, in my reflections the church fulfilling its duty within its doors and the community? Primarily, some would agree that various churches are significantly invested within its community. However, many would say that that church is absent from the community. It is essential to understand that not all churches function the same way, but when a majority of churches are not involved within their respective communities, and then we can question whether the church is genuinely fulfilling their duty. The church can model the love of Christ to others through servanthood and then that will open doors for the gospel of Christ to be received. Ultimately, leadership, discipleship, and servanthood are aspects done within the community for the community. And also God has given various gifts. God has given various gifts to the church and using those gifts becomes part of their own growth, leadership and discipleship's to the church and using those gifts becomes part of their growth, leadership, and discipleship.

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In our discussion how we see the church today, as a movement, or institution the importance of the images is to help us understand the reality of the church today. It is time for the church to step out into the community and show Jesus to the world. For instance, providing meals and resources to the community, organizing activities for various children, and implementing services at nursing homes. The movement for transformative change of institutions and policies in our country supporting racial segregation was fueled by young people with core values and ideals of freedom and democracy.

B) Sociological Foundations

The multicultural mission has been confirmed to constitute an essential aspect of the society. The purpose of a multicultural ministry is to create unity for the whole society. It is aimed at bringing all people belonging to the other faiths and religions and even races together to form a group with the common goal of promoting unity in their society. Its purpose is to eliminate all the causes of division that cause indifferences among the members of the society. Its ultimate goal is to ensure that people work with togetherness to see their society move to the next level with all the members incorporated in whichever form of achievement made.

Culture is an integrative system around its worldview and values. In both culture and faith, there is an aspect of content and unity. For faith, the church is the channel through which such content is transmitted (Percy, & Ward, 2016). On the other hand, culture is embodied by every member of the society and can vary from one location to the other. As well, culture can be transmitted from one generation to the other.

The principles of cultural transformation from one generation to the other are much applicable in the church context. In this regard, pilgrims attend to church services and the Christian knowledge is inculcated in them. Once this is done, they use the same principles and fundamentals of cultural breeding to nurture their young ones and other non-participating members of their society.

C) Sociological foundation and Evolution Black Adventist work in NAD

This aims at creating a social class where all sorts of individuals in a society can fit. This is through making people of different cultures learn how other communities value their culture. Through the sociological foundation, good relationships are made between groups' of people of different nationalities and cultures. Quoting Don Mcphaull, who is a pastor at the Kingsboro Church of Seventh-Day Adventists, "We are not baptizing African-Americans, and they don't even know we exist." This was not always the case.

Even before the founding of the conference in 1945, Black Adventists in the New York area had made it a point to connect with their non-Adventist brothers and sisters. It should be understood that good interpersonal relationship is the first step in multicultural ministry. The sociological foundation is, therefore, contributing to the multicultural ministry establishment in the societies of the world. Another way in which the sociological foundation has promoted multicultural ministry is through enabling people in the society to understand the significance of ling in harmony and respect.

D) The Experience of various Ethnic/Cultural Groups in America. And Multi-Ethnicity/culturalism and the life Writings of Ellen G. White

Ethnicity is defined as a state where belonging to a social group is determined by commonness in cultural tradition or nation. Ellen G white in her writings explained that ethnicity is a significant barrier to multicultural ministry. She based her writings on racial discrimination that was in the United States of America whereby the whites were having their churches separate from blacks. It is because of ethnicity that controversy about religions came in, and a serious misunderstanding between religions dominated by whites and those for the blacks was developed, making each of the races to believe that their religion is worthy.

E) Missiological Foundations

Theology affects the society both negatively and positively. The negative ways in which the society is influenced negatively by the word of theology is creating division. Communities are composed of different people belonging to different faiths. However, some theologies have the tendency of leaning in one direction and emphasizes too much upholding some practices that are culturally sensitive. For example, a theology may criticize a lot about polygamy. This is right according to the Christianity. However, the fact that it fails to look into how the practice among the Muslims.

Muslim believers may, therefore, feel excluded in a Christian society. The outcome of such a practice is an organization is a division of the line religious practices. It is, however, important to note that theology of the church is fundamental for the development of an organization. All theological practices uphold some good deeds in society. They try to inform the society on how to live with one another. They also teach how a person who is not living as per the morality in a community can be rehabilitated. It also creates some sense of uniformity in the society, making the co-existence and development more accessible.

F) Missiological Foundation and Old Testament foundations

This is another critical way that is used in the multicultural ministry is carried out in the society. Missiology tends to reflect on the writings in the Old Testament and New Testament. By these reflections, people are made to believe that they all belong to the same God. Such reflections tend to inform the society that race and language difference are just physical characteristics that are influenced by geographical location and other natural factors such as weather. Moreover, Missiology is a valuable tool that can be used in bringing back people who have different racial backgrounds and nationality together to praise God collectively.

G) New Testament and Metamodernism

Formation of organizations is also another way of supporting, multicultural ministry in the societies of the world. The United States was already a place where people could not help one another who comes from a different ethnic group. Skin color determined the ethnic groups. Whites hated the blacks and organized themselves only to come for support of another who is white. However, with the formation of the N.T foundation, people in the society were to support anyone regardless of his or her skin color. This created an environment where a white skinned person could come into close relationship and share views with a black person. The aspect of people in society being close greatly helped in establishing the multicultural ministry in the societies of the country.

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