Reflection Essay on Popular Culture: Reality Television

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Date:  2022-12-10

Reality television is like a programmed Television genre which features purportedly unscripted individual real-life experiences. There are no known professional actors involved but the documented persons are always in a day to day activities as if oblivious of the screening. (Hill,2014.) The Tv reality shows are very famous hence have given birth to popular cultures. These cultures are characterized by showcasing of style, fashion and most of it reflects the consumerist values. The popular culture is pervasive and influences society. Reality Tv and its airing of culture have a large capacity to change the customs, values and the norms of the community have the capacity to shape the values an. In modern society, celebrities are seen as pervasive, some look up to them and set standards imitating them, hence a popular culture. (Escofery,2014.)

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I choose The Kardashians which is my favorite family which owns a thrilling TV show "Keeping up with the Kardashians". This is a mass media picture and an example of a reality show in which the Kardashians 'celebrity status is aired. In addition to this, their reality show is such a popular culture full of pastimes, superficiality, and fashion that is literary amazing. Popular culture is still a debated subject and concept. Some Popular culture is a debated concept. A section of writers and researchers suggests the term popular culture should be made of norms, values, and lessons, that are aired by the media and are a source of joy to many people in the population. (Hill,2014) They also agree that it is some kind of mass publication and promotes fashion and new trends. The other authors and researchers view popular culture as negative and its consumption, damaging since it has the power to kill uniqueness as everyone tries to fit in.

The lifestyles and the consumerist values portrayed at the keeping up with the Kardashians is just a little reflection of how they are at the peak of popular culture. An example is the wedding on the reality show. The event was so popular that the entire show was paid for to air advertisements. Consumerism largely depends on popular culture so that it can thrive. There is interdependence between the two and the reap are equal. It never just ends there, the deep relationship between popular culture and market influences is seen in Kardashians lifestyle. The classy clothes the likes of Kim wears are the Kardashian fashion labels on sale in the market too.


In conclusion, the effects of popular culture on Tv goes a long way. It is influential and can affect both the brand markets as well as private lives. As we see that apart from the marketing of products and Kardashian clothing. The popularity has touched and impacted other spheres of life and has made some lessons very clear. An instance is their take of racial equality. Whether it is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or Blac Chan and Rob Kardashian, the couples paint a picture which the world should emulate. Nobody should be judged based on skin color and that love is blind to racism. The Tv show has moved important topics of discussion on various fields both social and even health sectors a recent one being education on fertility and health in women. Its popular culture has advocated emancipation of women and as a result gender equality campaign.


Escoffery, D.S. ed., 2014. How real is reality TV?: Essays on representation and truth. McFarland.

Hill, A., 2014. Reality tv. Routledge.

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