Reasons Why the U.S. Should Annex the Philippines

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Date:  2022-04-04


In Beveridge's view, Philippines provides a strategic geographical position that the U.S can use to gain access to the Asian market. This will provide the U.S with a competitive advantage over its commercial competitors such as Germany, England, and Russia by being closer to the Chinese market, its natural customer than any of them. Also, by annexing the Philippines, the U.S will have a share in the command of the Pacific which is predicted to be the future's key center of commerce. Therefore, with the annexing of the Philippines, the U.S will forever remain in power. Moreover, according to Beveridge, Americans are racially superior and they are God's chosen people, hence they should lead in the world's regeneration.

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Beveridge’s Address of the Anti-imperialist Constitutional Authority Issues and the Founding Fathers’ Intent

Beveridge adopted a noticeable destiny revival to address the anti-imperialist constitutional authority issues and the Founding Fathers' intent. Also, to address these issues, he utilized the concept of "survival for the fittest". This is evident in his argument that inferior nations that are redeemable should be conquered and redeemed by the U.S. Further, Beveridge argues that the declaration by the Founding Fathers does not forbid the U.S. to play their role in the word's regeneration. This is because the declaration was written by the Founding Fathers for their own intent and thus lacks relevance to the current situation. This depicts his believe in America's strong centralized government which influences the way Beveridge approaches the anti-imperialist issues.

Comparison Between Beveridge’s Argument for Annexing the Philippines and George F. Hoar’s Position

Both Beveridge and George F. Hoar make use of the Founding Fathers to underpin their arguments regarding the annexing of the Philippines. However, the approach of the two was different. In Beveridge's viewpoint, the power of the American government could be used for territorial and material gain which sharply contrasts what Hoar believed in. According to Hoar, it was wrong to impose a rule on other people and that such practices were against Washington and Jefferson's key ideals.

Why Beveridge’s Speech Is Significant to the Annexation Movement

Beveridge's speech plays a key role in justifying the annexation of Philippines. Through the speech, Beveridge provides reasons that make the annexation a fundamental exercise for the U.S. including the point's commercial, naval and military command in the eastern seas. Additionally, the speech provides a constitutional justification for the annexation of the Philippines. He argues that the constitutional authority does not apply to the U.S. situation as it lacks a geographical interpretation. These details provided in Beveridge's speech help explain the reason for the existence of the annexation movement while giving it a legal aspect which is crucial to the movement's operations.

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