Questions and Answers on Adulthood

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What are age norms? In general, how does age places individuals in society?

Age norms refer to the various social rules and behaviours that exist at a certain age. They are accompanied by daily actions and the chronological life passage that begins from childhood to adulthood (Julie 2). Age places individuals in the society by separating adults from children. In other words, it comes with a lot of responsibilities in the society, therefore, one is considered a grown up when he or she has family duties or is independent and can take care of his or herself without support from the parents.

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In what social situations do you act your age? When are you not acting your age?

Explain by referencing the concept of age norms - social rules governing age -appropriate behavior

Acting your age depends on situations that require maturity. For instance, business, education and professional situations where one needs to make appropriate decisions to show adulthood. Besides, meetings and other social places allow one to act according to his or her age. However, a person fails to act his or her age when he or she is an adult but fails to mature. For instance, the person has no responsibilities, cannot make proper decisions, and cannot support him or herself financially (Julie 1). Instead, he or she depends on the parents for survival. The social rules governing appropriate behaviour based on age include; becoming financially independent, taking responsibilities and making individual decisions.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Is certain achievement, responsibilities or performances necessary to validate adulthood? Why do they signify the adult role? When do you become a grown up?

One automatically becomes an adult when he or she grows up. Becoming a parent comes with a lot of family responsibilities. Therefore, one fundamental thing that one needs to concentrate on when he or she grows up is achieving a career goal to secure a job. Indeed, certain achievements, responsibilities and performances are necessary to validate adulthood. For instance, one can only become a true adult when he can support himself financially (David 2). Further, having freedom to make decisions proves that a person is mature. Therefore, an individual becomes a grown up when he or she can take responsibility for himself or herself, make free decisions and becomes independent financially.

In your culture, are there any events that publicly signify change in age status, in particular the attainment of adulthood? Explain how they lead to adult status.

In my culture, there are numerous events that publicly show adulthood. One event is attaining full physical and intellectual abilities. Other events include getting a job, staying independently in your house, getting married and bearing children. Another event is having the freedom to choose what you want in life. All these actions show full transition from childhood to adulthood. They lead to adult status by showing that a person has attained maturity. Besides, most of these behaviours are not common in either childhood or adolescence. Therefore, having them indicates that one is already an adult.

To what extent does becoming an adult vary for gender? Is one sex more adult than the other? Explain.

Human beings can become sexually mature immediately after puberty which begins at eight years to thirteen years for girls and from nine years to fourteen years for boys. However, Julie (2) argues that chronological age does not indicate maturity in a person. As sated, maturity depends on one's ability to support him or herself financially, live off the parents' welfare, be responsible, marry, have children and make free decisions. Nevertheless, these aspects are not common in both genders. For instance, men are always quick in supporting themselves, securing a job and have freedom earlier than women. This situation shows that males become mature more than women. Therefore, men are adult than women.

Insofar as rock and roll is historically an expression on youthful rebellion, can you be too old to rock and roll? (You may answer this question literally and/or as a metaphor for age appropriate behavior) How does Jethro Tull's lament illustrate the blurring of age categories as with the emergence of the childlike adult? Cite examples of individuals engaged in behavior that is both adult like and childlike.

Literally, the expression rock and roll was used to refer to marriage and sexual intercourse. As such, only adults are allowed to marry and have sex, and it shows maturity. Jethro Tull's lament demonstrates the blurring of age categories as with the existence of the childlike adult by stating that sexual intercourse is a behaviour that should be done by adults only. It separates the adults from children. The individual engaged in both adult like and childlike behavious in Jethro Tull's lament in the rocker, Ray Lomas. He works and gets wealth indicating that he is financially mature. However, Ray exhibits childish behaviour when he attempts to commit suicide.

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