Possibility of the US Filters Company to Expand Significantly Shortly

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Date:  2022-05-17


1.0 Chapter Overview

This dissertation is a research on the possibility of the USFilters Company to expand significantly shortly. It is one area that would support future researchers to the level of collaborations seen through both the Middle East and Jordan economies. Currently, they have shown consistent economic growth and development. Their corporate scene has improved to the better depicting an element of inclusivity in its policies. It has further sought to offer solutions to the economic and social kind of issues facing the people.

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1.1 Introduction

Franchising, in essence, seen as the most significant avenue for handling the problems in the labor market. It covers factors such as career growth while attempting to answer the call why different elements in USFilter's operations be harnessed to allow for career growth, profit levels, and exemplary managerial structures? Through the research methodology, the thesis would define the target population, the data collection methods, the sampling procedures and data analysis while finalizing on the ethical considerations guiding the study. The firm has a strategic objective of providing technical and administrative support while expanding regionally and globally. An assumption made that USFilter's would grow significantly in the future. The company is deemed fit to undertake several collaborations in the Middle East region going by the complicated local ownership kind of laws.

1.2 Research Background

This franchise just like any other started with the improvement of education and other technical institutions which develop the correct skills for this profession. These regions have their economies set in the center of technological growth and industrialization. The element of research, innovation and economic growth attempts to explain the current franchise advancement of the USFilter's Company across the area (Reader 2016, p.55). The primary objective of this research is to find out the roles of these franchise ventures regarding career growth, with a strict focus on the USFilter's Company existence in the Jordan and Middle East area. According to this featured chart, there is a quarterly growth and development of the real gross domestic product in OECD areas. This process has slowed down the rate in the last quarter by about 0.6% unlike the rate of 0.7% in the previous quarter of 2016 as shown in the graph.

The USFilter's market is competitive enough to the extent that the market is deemed to be consistently present. The USFilter's is a company that works in the Middle Eastern regions. It has been in existence for over three decades working primarily under the water purification and desalinizing segments (http:Usfilters.net, 2017). This company offers the best and creative products in water purification. Through its regular functioning, it attracts and nurtures very great talents and investors from across the world (Patrick 2002, p.94). This company's principal activity is on creating strategic kind of partnerships and excellence commercially seen through the dealers involved in expanding operations of the firm locally and globally.

1.3 Organization Background US

Filter's is a company that has been in operation since 1988 across the Middle East region leading the best drinking water technology, integrating high technology, best quality, attractive prices and rich green concepts that work for the commercial, residential, coffee shops, restaurants, and food processing widely used.

It offers the best modern products regarding purifying and desalinizing water and customer services. The company utilizes advanced managerial systems right from 1988 through using attractive talent. Investors too have built very strategic partnerships and another commercial kind of excellence seen by the types of dealership existing locally and globally for them. USFilter's came into being in 1988 and has since risen to be one of the best franchising firms in the industry of water technology across the Middle East. The firm has brought in unique products and managed technology regarding its sales and customer service. Everyone is happy with the sponsorship of amongst the best products and services that are of high quality in water purification technologies.

The company dedicated to providing the best in modern solutions towards water purification, promoting healthy living with as well as water purification at reasonable prices for the domestic and commercial line, with one of the famous brands in drinking water business. It further seeks to fulfill the consumers' need regarding pure water while maintaining quality services that are also reliable. Some of the product lines with spare parts include Alkaline water filter's, Hot/cold water filters and water Dispensers, Commercial water filter, Central water filters. These ranges of products revolve around the perfect choices made across the globe, minerals, PH content, delivery, installation, color and odor of all these products. This thesis will unearth much more about the company in other sections. Drinking water in Jordan and the Middle East is usually of low standards; it can cause severe health problems.

Every day, thousands of people die from lack of access to clean water, lack of access to safe water for about one billion people. Millions die each year from water-related disease, and due to diarrhea most of them are children in the developing countries. A high percentage of children dying under the age of 14 related to water pollution, very high percentage of deaths in developing world is relevant to water issues, the safety problem intimately linked to hygiene education and proper sanitation, which is why the company take an integrated approach to bringing safe water to the worlds.

The company has more than 30 years' heritage of innovation in researching and developing of water treatment products, market-leading expertise, and unmatched customer service. The cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services ensure quantity and quality of clean water, enable regulatory and environmental compliance, increase efficiency through water treatment, and prepare customers for next generation demands.

It has a portfolio of proven brands, advanced technologies, domestic and commercial water supply solutions and service help customers across the Middle East provide and use clean water, enable leisure and retail business to maximize productivity and profitability. Every day, millions of peoples and hundreds of companies rely on USFilter's water technologies to help them meet their needs of clean water.

1.4 Purpose of the Study

This study will gather different facts and information by assessing the local and regional operations of USFilter's Company. It would further go through the practicality of franchising in offering customer-oriented brands and keeping customers who are satisfied and loyal. These relationships between the franchisor and the franchisee must also assess by considering its alignment with human personal growth. The present form of thinking and franchising acts is another important consideration to make given the particular services spread through the industry and current types of secondary data. Other analyses must do on the actual practices spread through the USFilter's across the region. The methodology is yet another concern that must consider given its involvement in the growth of the franchise. It may conduct through the use of questionnaires and interviews with the concerned parties. In the end, this would be adequate and relevant in getting the secondary kind of references through books, journals, and articles.

Franchising described as a unique licensing form where the franchisor leases intangible property and further insists on a franchise agreement. The agreement usually contains abiding by the strict rules on how to carry on the business buy the franchise. Often franchisors would help the franchisee in running the business right as a going concern (Hill 2008.pp 408). Franchising looks like licensing since it pertains to long-term commitments unlike in licensing. In summary, the purpose of the st...

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