Planned Parenthood Interest Group Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

The interest group, commonly known as the special interest group is an association of persons or a body which is habitually organized formally based on shared concerns with the motive of influencing the public policy to address its issues. The objective of all interest groups is the aspiration to sway the government policy in its favor so that they can benefit themselves or solve the issues that they are representing (Thomas & Hrebenar, 2008). Notably, their goal might be laws that exclusively help one segment of society or the whole organization at large. This research paper will seek to discuss the interests and the ideologies of the group "Planned Parenthood" Therefore, interest groups attain their intentions through the act of lobbying. In that, they mount pressure on the policymakers in an attempt of achieving policy outcomes in their favor.

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Many years ago, the American society was against any knowledge that they perceived to be dangerous to the wellbeing of the state. A majority of individuals believed that birth control was a way of limiting or reducing the lives of the human race. The pedigrees of Planned Parenthood was as a result of the debate that took place in 1920 between Sanger and Russell on the controversial issue of birth control (Mundt, 2017). When Margaret Sanger together with other two colleagues started to operate the first birth control clinic in the U.S, New York, Sanger was prisoned since she went against the government's policy on birth control. As a consequence, the movement was later named as the Planned Federation of America with millions of members worldwide advocating for the responsible choices on their sexual and reproductive health.

Planned Parenthood advocates for the fundamental right of all persons in the entire world on the issue of handling his or her fertility without any limitations whatsoever. This group holds that diversity should be respected and valued in all elements of a state since it enhances the wellbeing of the general public. Nonetheless, its ideas are based on the notion that reproductive self-determination will foster the heightening of the standards of life and developing strong family associations (Mundt, 2017). Therefore, Planned Parenthood body offers support in the fields of health education and advocacy on the issues relating to birth control nationwide in all its centers.

In my view, this organization is playing an essential task to create awareness on the need to enhance birth control measures. It is crucial for the public to develop the aspect of responsible parenthood. Therefore, such organizations provide couples with the ability to react to the aspirations and needs of the family and teenagers. The reason why I support the ideas and missions of Planned Parenthood is attributed by the understanding that the size of the family should be based on the available resources as well as the quality of life that the parents desire to live.


To sum up, the process of parenthood is not an easy task. It entails raising and educating children from the time they are born until adulthood. All these responsibilities are done by the family in which the child comes from. Therefore, to make it easier for the parents to take care of their children and provide them with better living conditions, it is essential to embrace the idea of controlling the birth rates. Sanger and the entire interest group seeks to liberate women from having many children especially when one does not have sufficient resources to take care of them as well as providing high quality and inexpensive health care for parents.


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