Physical and Procedural Controls for Protecting Assets - Research Paper

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Date:  2022-12-14


Asset protection is a critical task for the viability, profitability, reputation, and sustainability of the organization. With regards to an organization, asset protection is a holistic approach to the protection of both tangible and intangible assets. This is achieved by the identification, categorization, removal and reduction of exposure to the causes and consequences of risks. Categorization of assets, subsequent designing and implementation of an appropriate physical asset protection (PAP) system goes a long way in protecting assets in an organization. Leadership, commitment to the PAP policy as well as mobilization of skilled human resources are also an essential aspect of asset protection (SMS-PAP, 2012).

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The Standard presents a management system approach that emphasizes the importance of understanding an organization's context, risk and PAP requirements, and establishing a policy and objectives to manage risks. It goes further to insist on the implementation, operation and maintenance of controls to manage an organization's risks within the context of the organization's mission. It goes without saying that the monitoring and reviewing of the performance and effectiveness of the physical asset protection management system (PAPMS) ensure continual improvement based on objective measurement. The Plan-Do-Check-Act Model summarizes all that entails to a management system and is commonly applied to structure the PAPMS processes (SMS-PAP, 2012).

The standard provides generic principles, requirements, and guidance intended to be incorporated not only into public, private but also not-for-profit organizations. The PAPMS, in particular, includes the protection of both tangible and intangible assets. There are several principles that guide PAPMS whose one goal ultimately a well functioning system. The standard also provides the requirements and guidance as well as the framework to put in place efficient physical protection systems. All that is contained in the standard are intended to be incorporated in ANSI/ASIS SPSC. 1-2009 Organizational Resilience (OR) Standard, or any type of an organization's management system based on the PDCA model (SMS-PAP, 2012).

The Facilities physical security measures guideline assists in the identification of physical security measures that can be applied at facilities to safeguard or protect an organization's assets- people, property, and information. It is not aimed at a specific occupancy, but facilities and buildings in general. This guideline seeks to provide the American employers and workers with a safe and healthful environment to work in. It involves the development of new strategies to reduce occupational fatalities, injuries and illnesses. There are four essential elements to all proper safety and health programs: Management commitment and employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention, and training for employees, supervisors and managers.

Additionally, OSHA strives to provide improved outreach, education and compliance assistance to America's employers and employees. Addressing safety and health issues in the workplace not only saves the employer money but also adds value to the business. OSHA not only seeks to protect the employees but also their families (OSHA, 2009).


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