Paper Example: Strategic Employee Selection and Recruitment Methods for Sleep Tight Inn

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Date:  2024-01-10

Ability Tests

In every section process, an ability test is essential in recruiting a competent employee for the available post. Sleep Tight Inn's management needs to carry out the test during the selection process to ensure that the employees employed have higher general intelligence to handle various problems encountered during the working period. The organization can use multiple types of ability test methods to determine which candidates are suitable for their three-position. One of the standard ability tests is the numerical test (Anglim et al.,2019). The test method helps in the assessment of the candidate's ability to manipulate and understand numerical information. The test can be expressed in multiple-choice, where the candidate uses the number-based reference to solve the problems. Basic arithmetic such as percentages, ratios, and averages are used; this type of ability testing is suitable for the guest services representative and front and back-office supervisor (Abao & Balasico, 2018). They all require knowledge because their role will require numerical application while attending to the customers.

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A verbal ability test is essential in assessing the candidate's ability to analyze, understand, and interpret any written information. The individual being recruited is provided with a paragraph and expected to decide whether the statements included are true or false (Abao & Balasico, 2018). The assessment is timed, and the candidate has to make a rational decision within the stipulated minutes for them to be considered successful. The ability test method can evaluate the guest service representative and front and back-office supervisors in Sleep Tight Inn. Their roles require them to perceive the information submitted by their organization's customers to provide clear instructions and advice.

The third type of ability test implemented by the Sleep Tight Inn organization during the selection process is the checking ability test. The method helps assess the candidates' ability to pay attention to details and identify errors efficiently and accurately within a short time (Gatewood et al.,2015). The guest services representatives, front and back-office supervisors, and housekeeping services fall under this ability test method. The guest services and front and back-office supervisors will require this ability to identify errors in the customers (Pulakos, 2005). The housekeeping service will rely on their ability to identify the mistakes in their assigned areas of work. These types of ability tests will help Sleep Tight Inn organization in acquiring a competent workforce.

Assessment of the Recruitment Plan

After an organization has conducted the selection process, it is always eager to identify if its decision positively impacts the organization. Like any other manager, Mr. Valdez would like to know if the selection and recruitment process is significant to the organization. The effects cannot be identified immediately after the candidates report to work because they might not have adapted to the new environment (Albrecht et al.,2015). However, some employees can adapt to the organization faster as compared to the rest. Performance appraisal can determine if the selection and recruitment process is working (Kaplan et al.,2018). If the employees portray a high-performance assessment, the recruitment process is believed to have shortlisted the best team. However, if most of the shortlisted employees using a similar recruitment process perform poorly, the method can be rendered ineffective. In this particular scenario, the organization is required to change the recruiting process to recruit a new team.

Methods of Selecting Candidates

There is various employee selection method, which enables choosing the best talent they include. First is assessing cognitive ability, which is a form of pre-employment testing used in evaluating the candidates' mental processes such as problem-solving (Gusdorf, 2008). Effective administration of cognitive assessment is ideal in determining job success. Also, assessing learning agility is another method that helps in building into the recruitment process. Learning a skill is used in understanding how applicants function and adapt to a new environment. Test situational judgment is another selection method that tests how applicants can prioritize and handle situations arising in the workplace. The following form involves measuring employee integrity, enabling the collection of insight into the candidate's work ethic, honesty, and dependency. The other method requires testing job knowledge, which identifies skills that candidates possess, such as multitasking.

Giving a test assignment is also a selection method, which is essential in providing candidates with a sense of what they do on the job. Besides, organizing an assessment center can help identify the application's hard and soft skills (Marshall et al.,2001). the method comprises simulations and exercises geared towards evaluating how a candidate would perform on the real job. Also, structuring the interview process can be used and aimed at ensuring equal treatment to all candidates and asking pre-determined questions. Further, conducting peer interviews is a suitable method for involving the team in daily responsibility and the available gaps in the job (Hartwell et al., 2019). peer interview ensures objectivity during the hiring process and gains extra insights that were previously unknown.

As an HR practitioner, I would use top-down selection, which combines scores in making decisions. The approach works best when a selection is made on one predictor. Applicants are ranked in terms of their scores from the highest to lowest. Most organizations best prefer the method because it produces high-quality employees.


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