Paper Example on WebTitan: A Report on Internet Monitoring Software for Businesses

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Date:  2023-02-12


It has come to the management's attention that the company's internet is being misused. Most of you are using the internet for purposes that are not based on our organization's policies and goals. The management, has, therefore, decided to install an internet monitoring software to limit internet misuse. I, hereby, present a report of research I conducted concerning the internet monitoring products, and which I recommend the most.

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WebTitan can be used by business of all sizes. Its primary purpose is to provide organizations' IT department with platforms for security and monitoring the operations activities. Its essential characteristic is that it has adaptable web access web policies. Again it has a robust range of analytic stools, together with multiple approaches to handling security. Notably, WebTitan functions by offering filtering solutions that help institutions to control and protect the online users in the web. This software contains engines that allow the admin to block irresponsible users or change the web policies to fit the company's plans and rules. Also, the engines have report sections where behavioral and security analysis is conducted to ensure the internet usage ranges with the expectation. Notably, this tool' price approximates $1.44 annually.


This software's unique characteristic is that it has disaster recovery capabilities, and it is assessable to third parties. Importantly, it is accessible to a wide range of operating systems, including Windows and Linux. The software can be installed in mobile phones, which means that managers can conduct their administrative roles at places of their conveniences. Apart from internet usage control, Pulseway can also be used in other management functions such as accounting, billing, and time tracking. Its antivirus engines protect the system from virus damages that can cause loss of data, a constituent of its disaster recovery capabilities. The antivirus system of Pulseway is powered by Webroot and Kaspersky, two of the world's best antivirus system. Pulsewasy costs $1.34 per system month.


This internet control software is characterized by its automation options which come with a lot of server monitoring applications. It is easy to set unlike the other tools thanks to it's a wide range of configuration settings. Also, it has robust controls that increase its ability to filter any misuse of the network system. Besides, the automation feature helps the system to handle complex workflows; hence, reducing the possibilities of false alerts when the employees are using the internet. Its pricing approximates $6 per system per month. This package pricing is inclusive of all the features that do not necessarily perform control function, but other managerial tasks, such as storage and planning.

From the above-researched products, I highly recommend the management to consider using Panopta. First, it applies to mobile phones, which means that our managers perform their roles away from their office. Our managers' program involves a lot of traveling, which limits their availability in the office. Therefore, with Panopta, they will be able to control employee internet usage even in their absence. Also, the pricing is quite fair considering that the package comes with a lot of features that are helpful in a wide range of managerial tasks. Even with its many responsibilities, it has features that complex workflows.

With the above said, I would be glad to discuss any of your views regarding this report to ensure that the managers select a controlling policing that is fair to all.

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