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Module 7 channel 8

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Lobbying refers to the act by an individual or a group of people to influence actions decisions and policies of the government. Citizens can lobby the government through letter writing campaigns or build personal relationships with key government officials. Sometimes citizens can use jobs for politicians to affect their lobby campaigns.

Public relations refer to managing the flow of information that occurs between individuals and organizations. Public relation in most cases involves covering of certain information that is distasteful.

Module 8 channel 9

Political parties are important in democracy as the two works parallel to each other. Political parties formulate public policies in democratic entities. The majority ruling party helps in formulating policies that work with the interest of the public. In addition, they also educate, organize, and create public opinion. In respect to public opinion, political parties aid in growing the political awareness in citizens. Political parties are tasked with providing stability and unity of politics in the country. They achieve this through a combination of interests. Recruiting leaders is among the responsibilities of political parties who operate on integrity and impartiality to serve the people.

Social forces unite into an organized political party in order to access control over government personnel and policies.

Module 9 channel 10

The Electoral College is a process carried out in order to pick presidential and vice presidential candidates. The Electoral College consists of 538 members who vote to decide the president and the vice president of the United States. For a candidate to be chosen as a running president or vice president, the members of the Electoral College vote. The candidate who wins by majority is selected to run. Majority votes at the Electoral College should be 270 electoral votes. A number of factors influence the decisions of voters. First, the voter's background largely affects their voting decision. A voters background refers to their race, identity, social class, gender, religion, and ethnicity. When candidates campaign with messages that touch on a voters background and represents a feeling of oneness, then the voter is likely to vote for them. Second is party identification, which shows how a voter is affiliated to a particular party. Some voter goes to the extent of having psychological inclinations towards parties. Voters have the tendency of voting for parties that had a great influence in their life growing up. Incumbents performance refers to how a previous candidate from the said political party is acting in office. The incumbent's performance is measured based on the economy. If the economy is doing well then the political party will receive massive votes. If not then their counterparts get the votes.

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