Paper Example on Parvocellular Stream and Motion Sensitivity Experiment

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Date:  2022-06-06


The Parvocellular stream refers to the component of the primary visual pathway that is specialized for the detection of the detailed and color named based on the involvement of the relatively small cells. Research has shown that the quality of the incoming visual information can be influenced by the changes that take place in the structures of the eyes, the optic nerve, the long visual pathways as well as the irregular oculomotor functions (Schwartz, & Meese, 2017). The parvocells or the P-cells carry visual information along with the brain's ventral stream. They fundamentally assist in the processing of the optical data regarding the size, color, clarity as well as the contrasts.

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In an experiment to test whether the Parvocellular streams are sensitive to motion stream, it is essential to bear in mind that the P-cells exhibit color responses. Their firing is further dependent on the light wavelength within their receptive fields. The functional development test of the P-cells helps determine whether or not they are sensitive to motion. This method entails an adult participant viewing and virtual scene. The use of the eye-tracking and functional magnetic imaging will be performed through the use of the fMRI machine on the adult participant for the experiment. The participant was made to view a visual plaid motion stimulus and reported. As party of the experiment, the Multivoxel pattern analysis (MVPA) for fMRI was combined with eye-tracking with the help of the support vector machine. This was aimed at decoding the time course of the participant from the fMRI as well as the eye-movement signal. The expected finding that the individual will yield high decoding accuracies on an average of 88 percent classification based on the two measures. This findings shows that the P-cells are responsible for the perception and the eye movement data on their decodability of the bistable motion.

Question #2

While it is evident that the four figures demonstrated some differences, they showed considerably same kind of movement. In this way, the data would allow the exploration of different types of motions, including the biological action.

Question #3

The Parvocellular pathway from the small retinal ganglion cells carries numerous color information efficient in carrying high contrast black and white information. As part of the implication, it is undeniable to mention that the adaptation stimulus necessarily determines the perceived directions of the dynamic information. However, the speed is influenced and determined by the test stimulus. In this way, therefore, the dissociation that occurs between the speed and direction reinforces the notion that the processing of P-cells is independent and occurs.


Schwartz, S. H., & Meese, T. (2017). Visual perception: A clinical orientation. McGraw-Hill medical publishing division.

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