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Management assessment is an evaluation of the practices in an organization with the aim of stressing on and predicting how well the managers perform their managerial roles. It involves an investigation into the functions of management, management environments and how well the managers exhibit their communication skills. When evaluating the management roles, management theories are also put into consideration. This essay will highlight the main areas in a management assessment.

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The major theories of management that are embodied in the history of modern management include; system, quantitative and contingency approaches. System Approach views an organization as a system that is a set of regularly inter-reliant mechanisms whereby these mechanisms act as a whole. In systems theory, change in one system causes impacts on the other systems. The quantitative approach stresses the application of statistical simulations and organized mathematical procedures when finding solutions to management problems. However, the contingency approach embraces the underlying forces in the structure of the organization. According to contingent theorists, there are no universal rules that can be applied in running an organization. The suitable methods to be applied in management are determined by the state and environmental factors of the business.

In every organization, the management is involved in meeting four main roles. Firstly, planning which is the management role that involves the formulation of objectives and forming a course of action for achieving the set objectives. It demands that managers remain decisive and familiarize with the environmental situations affecting the enterprise and also predict future situations. Secondly, organizing which describes the process by which managers devise an organizational structure and assign their staff different duties to ensure that the objectives are achieved. Though organizational structure, the managers can coordinate all efforts in the organization. Thirdly, managers perform the role of leading that involves both formal and informal influence that they use in inspiring the activities and behavior of others. For managers to be effective leaders, they have to understand the beliefs, traits, emotions, and attitudes of their subordinates. Lastly, controlling is the other role of management in which managers ensure that the performance of subordinates is within the standards. It involves forming performance criterions, relating the actual performance alongside those criterions and taking remedial acts when needed.

Organizations are perceived to be operating under environments both external and internal. Both environments affect how the business is operated. External environment refers to the factors and conditions that are outside the business but influence the business's operations. During its operations, the organization sources it inputs from the external conditions and transforms them into an output that is then delivered to the external conditions. The external environment consists of factors such as; technological, socio-culture, political, legal factors, customers, suppliers, and the media. However, internal environment refers to all the factors within the enterprise that impact on its operations. Internal environment consists of organizational culture, financial conditions, and employees.

Another aspect in management assessment is the communication skills of managers. The skills allow the managers to pass information to the subordinates and therefore accomplish their duties efficiently. Written communication involves the use of charts, electronic documents, reports and even emails that are used to pass information in organizations. Managers should possess excellent writing skills to communicate effectively to the subordinates. They should have persuasive, descriptive and expository skills. Persuasive skills enable managers to be influential when passing information. Descriptive skills help managers express points effectively and clearly. Expository skills allow managers to elaborate on concepts and events to give the employees a clear picture.

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