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Human resource management system refers to a network of interconnected software that allows an entity to take good care of the most valuable assets which are the people. The tasks of the human resources or a company are too complex and time-consuming if they are performed manually. Therefore, there is a need to leverage the help of technological solutions in the form of an HRMS that will ensure the cost and time is reduced in addition to improving efficiency in the management of the staff. Intracom Telecom is an international company in the telecommunications industry. The company has been in operation for over 40 years and specialized in the sale of telecommunication systems and solutions (Intracom telecom, 2018). The company has successfully operated in significant ICT projects worldwide and has received many awards for their success. The entities core business includes the provision of a wireless network and transmission, Telco software solution, Energy solution, and ICT services and Smart City Solutions. The company has over 1700 highly-skilled employees and operates its research, development facilities (Intracom telecom, 2018).

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Structure of the HR Department

The company understands the value of human capital in fueling the success of a firm in the contemporary business environment. Intracom ensures they employ highly specialized and experienced personnel as a significant pillar in achieving the demanding objectives of the entity. The staff is a significant factor in advancing the capabilities of the company and ensuring that it can serve its customers better and more effectively. The body is the largest multinational telecommunications solution and services provider in Greece (Intracom telecom, 2018). Intracom works at ensuring the company has a fast-paced, success-oriented and rewarding working environment for their employees. The entity, therefore, ensures it acquires the best talent and skill in the industry. In the management of the personnel, the company has an integrated Human Resource Management system (Albrecht et al., 2015). The sub-systems include recruitment and succession planning, career development, performance appraisal, rewards management and training and development. The company has corporate principles of equal opportunities and meritocracy which guide the remuneration of employees. The policies ensure that employees doing the same job are paid the same amount regardless of the sex, race, and physical ability (Albrecht et al., 2015). The remuneration strategy for the company ensures the employees are rewarded based on their performance and contribution to the achievement of the goals.

The systems approach in human resources management offers an alternative viewpoint to clarify the structure of the system and shows the links with the external environment. The network defines the ways the organization operates to achieve the stipulated goals. The human resource system for Intracom supports the day-to-day activities of the company (Intracom telecom, 2018).

Being a large company, Intracom has a separate Human resource department for each of its subsidiary companies. The operations of the company are dependent on the success of the HR department. The structure of the department begins with the HR manager who is in charge of the HR functions in all the branches of the business. The HR manager assistant for every subsidiary of the business reports to the overall human resource manager. The structure then continues with various HR managers who perform and manage multiple functions such as recruitment, administration, employee relations, and development. The payrolls and contracts for employment are controlled by the HR manager in charge of administrative duties. The Human resource management system of Intracom is decentralized with the division being presented by the personal assistant. The assistant is responsible for the surveys for employees to determine the problems the employees may be experiencing and sharing them with the HR manager to come up with practical solutions that will ensure the satisfaction of the employees.

Human Resource Management Processes of the Company

The HRM processes applied by various companies are usually similar. Intracom has an HRM process that includes the multiple functions of HRM which ensure its success. Workforce planning is the first stage of the HRM system. The step involves finding the needs of the customers and planning a workforce that will ensure they are fulfilled. The company has different customers who have various needs that require different skills to be performed. The HR manager has to provide he analyzes the workforce models and plans a workforce that will ensure the needs of the customer are taken care of (Marchington et al., 2016). The needs of the customers are dynamic, and organizations need to ensure they keep up with the changes in the trends. The HR manager is therefore tasked with providing that new talent is added to the organization to take care of the changes in customer needs.

The second phase is the recruitment process which involves the use of both internal and external sources. During recruitment, the company sometimes uses internal sources. Current employees through promotions and transfers offer a good source of recruitment. The employees are upgraded to a higher position with a higher status, pay and responsibilities. The internal recruitment process is advantageous since the employees who are promoted have proper knowledge of the culture or the organization and require no further training (Albrecht et al., 2015). The promotions also motivate the employees. However, the method is disadvantageous since it limits the choice of the company and denies the company a chance of acquiring better talent from outside (Huselid, 1995). It may lead to inbreeding which will lead to the frustration of the employees that are not promoted.

Additionally, Intracom Telecom uses an external source of recruitment to fulfill the needs of the workforce. These sources exist outside the organization. The organization applies an advertisement to attract potential candidates for a particular position. The company uses various media sources to advertise a specific job. The method ensures the entity reaches a broader target group. The technique makes it easier for the company to acquire the best talent in the market based on the applicants (Huselid, 1995). The most suitable candidates for a position are then selected from either the internal or external sources of recruitment.

The third phase is the selection process where Intracom applies the use of job interviews for the selection of the most suitable candidates (Chandler & Brown, 2009). Candidates who have the necessary qualifications for a particular position are invited for a job interview at the premises of the company. The meetings provide an opportunity for the skills, strengths, and weaknesses of the candidates to be evaluated. After the interviews, the recruitment officer selects the most suitable candidates for the job.

Successful candidates are hired by the company and training phase begins. Intracom Telecom focuses on ensuring all the job applicants maintain professionalism. All recruits are required to attend training which will provide they are aware of their duties and responsibilities in the organization (Collings et al., 2018). The new employees are oriented and made aware of the culture of the organization. Training makes it easier for the employees to fit into the company and ensure they fulfill their responsibilities.

Regular evaluation of the employees takes places where the HR manager appraises their performance. Performance appraisal ensures the performance of the employees is evaluated. Those employees with excellent performance are rewarded. The employees are responsible for self-assessment to identify areas of improvement (Chandler & Brown, 2009). Performance appraisal also guides the determination of wages and benefits for the employees. The remuneration is dependent on the duties and responsibilities of a particular task.

The company also ensures that the employees undergo various training programs for career development (Sakellariou et al., 2016). Since the company is in a dynamic industry, employees are provided with regular training programs. The employees are provided with an opportunity to improve their skills and become more competent in the performance of their tasks. The company, therefore, supports career growth and development for their employees. The process not only improves the skills of the employees but also increases their motivation.

Intracom is developing and growing, and thus they need qualified professionals as part of their crew (Intracom telecom, 2018). The human resource management system is essential in the management of the HR process for the company. The system supports all the functions in the system and allows the company to manage the functions effectively. The support allows the company to gain a competitive advantage through maintenance of professionalism as a consequence of the success of the acquiring and retaining the best talent in the market.

Human Resource Management System Model

Intracom employs sophisticated human resource management software that ensures the core processes that are related to HRM of the company are standardized and consolidated (Collings et al., 2018). Various modules take care of specific HR and administration tasks allowing the HR staff to create a better work environment. The system applied by the company has multiple functionalities.

Applications management subsystem

The applications management function of the HRMS offers a holistic service that is aimed at tracking and monitoring applicants across various job boards, websites, and portals that are intended for recruitment. The functions allow the organization to identify, attract, shortlist, interview and hire qualified applicants (Reiche et al., 2018). The module provides a single interface where the company can collaborate with recruiters and streamline the hiring process applied by the organization.

Employee management subsystem

The HRMS has an employee management module that stores and retrieves information concerning the personnel of Intracom. The function ensures that the data stored is up-to-date and provides an overview of the employees' details. This information can be accessed from the company's database anywhere at any time. The function supports decision making within the organization which is related to the HR function (Reiche et al., 2018).

Organization management subsystem

The system is involved in organizational management as an essential part of its functioning. The corporate management sub-system constructs an organizational structure that is supported by industry relevant templates and business processes (Reiche et al., 2018). The sub-system effectively supports the operation of the organization by supporting global employee relocation and other workforce management tasks by allowing flexibility.

Workplace management sub-system

The subsystem allows the company to optimize its daily headcount through the application of trends, forecasts, and templates that are pre-defined. The factors are useful in the planning and management of the workforce between processes. Being a telecommunications company, Intracom Telcom is often forced to employ people on a contract basis. Most of the employees are hired to take care of a particular project with the contracts expiring immediately after its completion. The workplace management sub-system makes it possible for the organization to effectively plan and manage contracts (Noe et al., 2006).

Compensation management subsystem

The system designs and manages compre...

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