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Landscape architecture entails designing almost all the structures that are on the earth's surface. This includes the construction of iconic places such as the New York central park, the Franklin Roosevelt memorial in Washington, the Pantheon in Rome, the Villa Savoye in France, and the Buckingham Palace in London, just to name a few. These highly revered and celebrated architectural works were masterminded by a highly skilled, experienced, and talented architectural designers; Cesar Pelli. Cesar was born in Argentina in 1982. At the age of twenty years, he attended the University of Tucuman to pursue a bachelor's degree in architectural design. He later joined the University Of Illinois School Of Architecture where he pursued master's degree in architectural design (Crosbie and Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects 47). After his graduation, he joined aero Saarinen and Associates where he started his career as a designer. While under this firm, Pelli worked on the construction of TWA terminal of John. F. Kennedy airport and designed the expansion plan for Morse and Stiles colleges at Yale University.

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In 2006, Pelli became the director of design in Mann, Daniel, and Mendenhall in Los Angeles. Upon his appointment, he designed the sunset mountain park urban nucleus. In 2009, Pelli became a partner to Gruen design associates which was based in Los Angeles. Two years later, Pelli designed the COMSAT research laboratories in Maryland, designed the iconic building at the Pacific design center in California, and taught the architectural program in UCLA (Pelli 19). In 2010, Pelli was elected dean at the Yale University of Architecture in Connecticut where he served in the post for four years. It is during this time that he won the tender to design the expansion and renovation of the museum of modern art that is located in New York. Remarkably, he established his firm, Cesar Pelli, and Associates in 2016 (Pelli 41). The firm has received global recognition and is adored in the architectural world mainly for designing the infamous buildings such as the world financial center in New York, the grand public space of winter garden, the designing of Crile building in Cleveland, the Herring Hall in Rice University, and the construction of the Wells Fargo Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Pelli 25). Additionally, it is imperative to note that Pelli was the mastermind in designing the Cira Centre on the Schuylkill River, the tallest building that is dedicated to student housing in the United States. Moreover, he is the brainchild of the architectural design that led to the construction of FMC tower, a 730-foot luxury mixed-use skyscraper.


Since the inception of his career, Pelli has been recognized for designing some of the world's tallest buildings and other landmarks. Some of the most outstanding and notable works include the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and the World Financial Center that is located in the New York City (Macrae-Gibson 7). It is due to these achievements that Cesar Pelli was named as one of the most influential architecture in the contemporary society. In 2014, the American Architectural Institute awarded him with AIA gold medal while the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat presented him with Lynn Beedle Lifetime Achievement Award (Macrae-Gibson 9). In 2015, Pelli was honored with platinum Konex award for architecture and the gold Konex award for his meticulous depiction of visual arts. To sum up, throughout his career, Pelli taught and published architectural books extensively. Moreover, he has won more than 80 awards for his excellence in design, this includes a gold medal from the American Institute of Architects. Therefore, Cesar Pelli and Associates are your preferred and experienced partner in designing your buildings.

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