Paper Example on Acronyms for Sustainable Development: GDP, GIP, GREET, GTU, LUMP, NEEAP, NUAF, RSS, SA, SEAP, SMSG, UHI

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Date:  2023-09-28


This research project sought to investigate the successes and failures of green infrastructure development for city sustainability in Tbilisi. Particularly, it sought to address the extent to which air pollution caused by vehicles has been reduced as a result of the implementation of the Green City Action Plan (GCAP). A green environment is not among the top priorities for most emerging nations. However, it plays a considerable part in the formation of harmony between city needs and livelihoods. Green infrastructure planning is a natural environmental management approach that entails the protection and restoration of the natural environment (Szalavetz, 2018). It is a suitable technique that fosters safety in the community by enhancing the quality of life.

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Green infrastructure remains a pertinent issue currently. Since the last two decades, governments across the world have been creating awareness on green infrastructure and inputting various measures to ensure that cities and towns become more habitable. Climate change has been accelerated by the rising emissions from vehicles as well as industrial fumes (Tyabashe, 2018). As a result, policy makers have been keen on incorporating sustainability considerations into urban as well as industrial development. Social responsibility as well as sustainable development in the recent past have become increasingly essential strategies for businesses in almost every industry. The main roadmap towards sustainability in towns and cities is green infrastructure. In the recent past, green infrastructure has been used as a guiding principle towards sustainable land use.

While the approach to green infrastructure is gaining emphasis each and every day, it still remains an elusive term. One of the major reasons for the elusiveness is that it employs a broadness of scale. While the term can be used to address regional and national ecological networks, it can also be used in local storm water management projects (Tyabashe, 2018). Thus, one will need to clarify the scale he or she is using the term green infrastructure. This makes it easier to understand as well as apply.

Green infrastructure can be understood from different approaches. These approaches include integration, multi-functionality, and connectivity. By integration, it means that green infrastructure planning is supposed to consider making the urban centres greener and also integrate urban green with other urban infrastructures (Salata & Yiannakou, 2016). This includes the transport infrastructures, built-up water management structures. For example, in an effort to ensure that the urban centre becomes habitable and improve its sustainability, air pollution will be one of the factors to consider. In addressing air pollution, it is not possible to ignore the transport infrastructure which is a major contributor to air pollution in urban centres.

Some of the techniques employed for strengthening green infrastructure include planting trees and restoring wetlands. Planting trees is an effective means of restoring the natural water cycle instead of temporary techniques such as building costly water treatment plants. Planting trees also makes the city look attractive and appealing.

This study focused on the public spaces in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The city’s municipality is actively working on improving its infrastructure and environment. Notably, the Green Infrastructure Project (GIP) of Tbilisi is an integration of existing and operational land use. Tbilisi, just like most cities in the world, is highly congested. The city does not intend to develop the green infrastructure on new land.

1.1 Background

The interest in the topic arises out of the importance of improving society living through green sustainability. Green infrastructure is the interconnection of elements such as human-made systems, green areas, and natural features of the surroundings. According to Tzoulas et al. (2007), loss and degradation of urban and peri-urban green space could affect ecosystems and the overall health and well-being of humans. A significant association exists between green space, ecosystem and human health. Similarly, Mell (2009) argued that green infrastructure aids in the regulation of urban climate, water management, and provision of green networks in an urbanized area. Green infrastructure is an integral part of a city’s welfare so it has a role in the city’s sustainable development.

Cities are the primary engines of social, economic, and technological development. According to the 2018 World Census, 50% of the world’s population lives in cities (Szalavetz, 2018). The underlying estimates are that the number of people in towns could increase to 60% by 2030 (European Bank for Reconstruction Development (EBRD), 2017). Notably, cities are a source of different environmental impacts. Most of the green concerns for cities are air quality, traffic congestion, and limited green spaces. Other issues are related to the limited land and water resources. Szalavetz (2018) stipulates that activities within towns and various arrangements of landscape features affect the quality of life. Thus, cities need to consider implementing green infrastructure to improve their sustainability. For this to be p...

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