Paper Example: Impacts of Social Media on Future Generation

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Date:  2021-03-23

Social media has gained an outstanding worldwide popularity and growth which has attracted the attention of several researchers and other groups on a global scale. Although almost all people are moving towards this technological change, the rate at which teenagers use it calls for apprehension for the future generation. According to the research carried by Bryant and Oliver (2009), the field of online has got adverse effects that should be keenly observed to prevent the future generation from falling a victim. Notably, the impending group will not only embrace physical interaction but will also perform poorly in corporate leadership following the time taken on internet sites.

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First, social media exposes the youths to some information that should not be obtained at a certain age, which will increase immorality in the society. It is important to note that many sites have got age restrictions; however, teenagers keep on saying that they were born ten years earlier on those particular sites. According to Bryant and Oliver (2009), children of tender ages have the ability to get access to everything they need in the social media. Although most of them may not comprehensively understand such contents, they get some basics about them. This is quite dangerous to the current youths and future generation where certain activities like sex which was only left for the grownups can be easily accessed by children as younger as ten years old. According to Bryant and Oliver (2009), it is surprising that some for them try such contents out. As such, the future generation will grow with immorality as part and parcel of their lives.

Secondly, social media will damage the minds of youths by suppressing their socializing and physical skills. Since teens spend most of their times on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace instead of writing letters, a particular section of their brains that facilitate social interactions, and the face-to-face conversation has been damaged. Bryant and Oliver (2009) claim creativity will not be a priority since most of the tasks have been made easy by the computer. On the same note, the tradition of real friendship will not exist in the future generation since youths no longer care about physical friends; once they have many Facebook and Twitter friends, they are safe.

Social media will reduce the rate of the workforce in most organizations. Particularly, many social media users are young teenagers who have been prophesized to take the future leadership when the current generation retires. However, the extent of social media addiction of present generation cannot allow them to work efficiently without omission. A study carried by Bryant and Oliver (2009), reveals that 60% of teenagers cannot take 30 minutes without touching their phones and other internet devices when they are free. This means that these individuals will only work under strict supervision which is not productive for most industries. As such, the future generation will not be able to work well since most of their times will be consumed by internet devices.

In conclusion, the advance in technology will both positively and negatively impact the future generation. Particularly, the widespread of social media has got an adverse effect of the future generation. First, it will breed a society which is full of immorality since even young ones are currently able to view certain sites that do not contain contents of their ages. Secondly, due to the high concentration on computer devices, the future generation will have suppressed social and physical skills. Lastly, it will lead to reduced working rate due to the time taken on surfing sites.

Works Cited

Bryant, Jennings, and Mary Beth Oliver, eds. Media effects: Advances in theory and research. Routledge, 2009.

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