Organizational Behavior and Management Thinking

Date:  2021-03-10 08:30:27
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Organizational behavior is a diverse area that involves the studies on how people act in their various organizations. The manager uses various ways such as the knowledge of the organizational behavior to improve the practices of management. Management thinking plays a very great role in the recognition and the creation of meaning.

Perception and thinking have played a major role in strongly influencing the behavior of employees that are present. According to my past job experiences, the act of perception and thinking have had a greater influence on the employees such that most of the employees had varied views that could draw their focused attention. The assumptions from employees were one of these things that drew them away from their focused attention. As an employee, one was required to work in an efficient and correct manner instead of taking assumptions that could have been meaningless to the field in which one was working on. The other view was the values of the employees and the company in which one worked on. Values of the institution had to be adhered to so that the institution runs in the right and correct manner meaning that employees would neglect their values and respect the values of the institution. Employees` knowledge was also important. To work efficiently in an institution, knowledge was regarded as the key requirement for the employees. Goals, experience, and other personal differences were part of the things that could draw employees away from their focused attentions.

From the cognitive point of view, the level of thinking varies from one person to the other. The employees who were fast in thinking worked more efficiently as compared to the slow thinking personnel who faced lots of problems in trying to cope with the demands of the company demands were the efficient ones in the companies. The experienced personnel played an important role in thinking in such that the employees who had gotten much experience from their past jobs could think much faster in working thus promoting the company`s workability.

These acts of perception and cognition influenced the behavior of employees such that the cognitive ones who could take positively the company`s demands fitted so quick to the revolution of the companies they worked in. Though most of the employees could not fit, they had to think otherwise and part ways with the company.

The situation we were caught in as employees was that there was an introduction of new technological developments in the company that we worked in. This technological development led to the employees who had lots of problems in trying to fit technology and the slow cognitively decided to quit the company but the larger group of employees fitted in that they had to cope with the demands of the company and moved on to lift the company to greater standards.

According to the employees, their thinking characteristics varied from one to the other. There were those employees who had greater experience thus promoted their thinking capabilities. The differences in thinking resulted in the subdivision of the employees according to their capability of working due to their thinking.

Thinking plays a major role in organizational communication and problem solving in that there are no major assumptions. The final decisions that are taken are normally almost accurate if not accurate. With efficient thinking, organizational communication and problem solving will not be a major problem.

As a manager, I could use thinking to improve communication and problem solving in that proper thinking promotes the company efficiency. After identifying problems, correct ways of solving the problem are enhanced thus solving the problem.

In conclusion, organizational behavior and management thinking play major roles in the development of various firms. Without these characteristics, the firms will collapse.


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