Office Automation: A Human Resource Current Event in My Workplace - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-30


The management of human resources in an organization involves the strategic approach to the efficient management of people in an organization in order to help the institution to gain a competitive advantage. As a result, human resource managers engage in various activities and events in order to help efficiently manage an organization. The paper focuses on office automation as a human resource current event in my workplace.

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Office automation is a current human resource event in my workplace, which is also a dilemma on whether the management should adopt it or fail to. I work in a healthcare organization, and the management aims at automating the office by introducing computer information systems and electronic messages from one department to the other. However, the event faces ethical challenges since it will break the confidentiality of a patient's data. Also, the event would lead to several clerical staff losing their jobs due to the suggested automation. Therefore, the human resource management department is in a dilemma on whether to implement the event and lose the staff members or maintain them and ensure patient's confidentiality.

Implementation of the event has both positive and negative impacts on organizational performance. For instance, by implementing automation, their organization will be in a position to reduce costs such as printing. Also, services are likely to be done in a faster way. However, automating also has a negative impact on the organization's performance since it will lead to job loss for many staff members as well as a lack of confidentiality of a patient's data since it is transferred from one department to the other, thus being handled by many people. The persons involved in the event include human resource employees, clerical staff, as well as all medical staff in the healthcare organization.

Strategic human resource management refers to activities that focus on addressing and solving challenges that affect people and employees within an organization. Human resource managers focus on activities that aim at attracting, rewarding, developing, as well as retaining employees for the benefit of both the institution as well as the employees. Therefore, the managers should apply the aspects of strategic human resource management by collecting feedback from the staff members involved. For instance, human resource managers should get feedback from clerical staff in the organization and deliberate on how to address the issue of lack of confidentiality on patient's data.

Human resource management should as well focus on other aspects such as motivation while at the workplace. Therefore, the organization should work towards automation of office operations but at the same time maintaining all the employees. Besides, the organization should focus on listening to the grievances of all staff members to reduce staff turnover. Also, strategic human resource management aims at proper remuneration of all staff members in order to retain staff. Besides, human resource managers in the organization should focus on training the employees on how to use the new computer systems in the organization as well as create a friendly working environment. Therefore, through efficient training of all staff, it will be possible for the organization to implement office automation without having to lay off some of the staff members. Question: What roles do human resource managers play to ensure the retention of employees?

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