My Favorite Idol: Onkubu Essay Example

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  552 Words
Date:  2022-11-20

I want to describe my favorite idol. The idol is made in an image of a famous African witchdoctor, Onkubu. Onkubu is a unique idol of different colors that range from red to green. It is like a rainbow. The head is made of ochre soil from the ant-hills. The forehead is round while the rear head is semicircular; a representation of the corn plate. It has protruding, long ears that are above the oval head with a bright red eye which shine like a spotlight in darkness. Interesting, Onkubu has big cheeks that support the strong teeth which are chisel and saw-like. The idol has strong arms with strong muscles protruding from the lower parts like the cassava roots. The fingers are tiny although if given something to old, they close very tight. My favorite idol is always gentle in the face if not interacted.

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When put into a sitting position, Onkubu maintains a pleasant posture. The legs and hands arrangements are orderly as if it is waiting for manner from above. It never gets dirty, and any worn out paints and parts are usually repaired in good time. The joy of having the African witchdoctor idols leaves several crisscrossing questions in the minds of many who can find the best description to use for the favorite.

Onkubu has a potbellied stomach in the shape of the traditional Nigerian water pot. The capacity of the stomach can accumulate approximately seventy liters of water if properly dispensed. If put to walk, Onkubu makes specific steps which are neither too long nor too close. It has a cat-like movement although it easily topples if interrupted due to wobbly, thin legs. The proportionality of the body structure of Onkubu makes it attractive. For example, the head is oval with curved backside, round forehead, tiny or small legs, strong and muscled hands, flat backside and potbellied stomach is nothing but an imbalanced shape. Onkubu never smiles; his face is narrow with a full mouth and croaked that makes them hard to be exposed. It has very rough skin like the crocodile's backsides.

Moreover, when insulted, it is impulsive and stubborn. Under some circumstance, it becomes insulting and fails to accept orders from everyone. Because it assumes a remote control to direct its well-calculated steps, toppling is very common in making its blue and red paints dirty. Onkubu likes long-sleeved black Indian shirts to match with the khaki trousers before performing magic activities such as rainmaking and calming sea storms. It has not been deduced the reason why it has a long tail that usually protrudes from its trouser when it is angered. Generally, it is this long tail that makes it so beautiful to admire. The tails curl backward when it is annoyed and remains upright when it wants to pounce on something.


Furthermore, Onkubu is a straightforward idol and shy idol. I was worried about it at the beginning when I first interacted with it. The face was hallowed and punched; the skin was trickled and never resembles anything close to the human character. The eyes were blue although they kept on changing from time to time with the change of weather. Luckily, I realized that it was the most loyal and cheerful idol if trigger to do so. What a different idol!

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