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Date:  2023-03-11


Mobile DJ involves moving from one place to another with sound systems. A disk jockey aims to entertain people. The work of a mobile DJ has grown to be a job to undertake. Millennials are taking over the business since the world needs to be entertained. The various platforms that provide work for these mobile DJ include the many events that occur. Events are endless since people have the urge to party. Not only do these mobile DJs work involve moving with the sound system, but they also, it entails the use of lighting and video systems. One of the most significant events in the world is a world competition of DJs or say an entertainment day. The game follows the world cup and Olympics strictly in attendance. Music events such as Summerland in the united states and DONAUINSELFEST in Hungary are examples of world events that record-high international attendance. These events entailed music festivals. There are various accountability areas in business. Different business entities have a different description of how these accountability areas align with the company. Choosing a job description as an accountability area, the following is a description of how the accountability area correlates with the mobile DJ business.

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The expected service behavior in this field favors explicitly individuals who are music enthusiasts and those who are passionate about music. Such people who take interest and have a passion for music are likely to have a successful career in the mobile DJ. Also, individuals who like to travel and have fewer commitments to other life activities can carry out the job successfully. Individuals in this field offer entertainment services. Being creative is one of the most vital characters is should have to keep the people entertained. Also, having knowledge of the updates on music all around the world. People having the desire to undertake a career in the mobile DJ should be optimistic, open, and have excellent interactive skills. Also, individuals must know how to operate the sound, light, and video system. Understanding the working of even one of the methods is enough to conduct the job successfully.

The service behavior helps in job description in aligning to the core values of the organization in the following ways (Jacobson &Trojanowski, 2012). The service behavior will gauge the level of qualification of the individuals; thus, those having the service behavior as described best suits the organization. These various behaviors also have a connection to the organization's values in the sense that it makes it easy for individuals to carry out their activities. Thus, well alignment takes place.

To ensure the strength of the alignment is not compromised, the organization needs to carry out the following. Motivation is key in any business entity. The employees who are expected to depict and follow the core values of the organization need to have a happy life. Proper motivation would decrease the various constraints imposed by life thus more concentration on the job.The disbursement of scouts all around the local area plus the world is essential. The importance of the scouts is to spot new talents. When new skills come into the market, the current old individuals are kept on toes to ensure they please the company. This would thus ensure the service behavior in the area aligns with the organizational values.

If the service behaviors do not align with the values of the organization, amendments need to be made to bring a shift. There is a need for all individuals working in the same company to row in the same boat. The people should have the same ambition, vision, and mission. To attain all these characteristics, the service behaviors must align with the organization's values. Amendments such as resolving the principles of the organization to suit the job description can be a solution to enable a shift to take place. Also, a review on the proceedings of the organization in terms of conducting a survey to evaluate breaches and their solutions is vital.

These alignments have an impact on future training. The vital issues used tin tackling the unavailability of alignment is a key point to note (Aziri, 2011). Also, sustaining an alignment between the service behavior and the job description is essential in creating a proper work plan. The significance of both angles or alignment, lack alignment, and availability of proper alignment, are notable crucial in any business.

The act of an employee should correspond to the values of the organization. If an employee does not exhibit behaviors that do not correspond to the benefits of the organization, the employee should be rendered unfit to take part in activities in the organization involving matters relating to the mobile DJ. The only time the employee should be allowed to conduct the duties of providing the service is when he or she agrees to a paradigm shift in behavior. The behavior of an employee must correspond to the values of the organization.


In conclusion, it is essential to know the working of service behavior and how they correlatewith the values of an organization. Employees must make sure they adhere to the values of the organization to be part of the company. Also, the service description in the job description should align with the values of the organization.


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