Maquiladora and Rape Culture Paper Example

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2022-10-23

Question1. Maquiladora

Maquiladora, (also known as "Maquilas") defined as foreign-owned assembly plants based in Mexico, whereby companies import machineries and materials duty free and fished export products around the world. Since the passage of NAFTA, much of Mexico's have turned to production processes that are similar to maquiladora, Eighty percent of maquiladora is owned by the United States, and most of them positioned along the U.S. and Mexico border.

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The maquiladoras came to existence in the mid-1970s to not only bring wealth and employment, built produce cheap labor to multi-national countries of the company. They are the representative of the international community prevalent in the current global economy. As much as maquiladora, employ both men and women. Most of the employees in maquiladora come from impoverished families since they are unable to find employment in their rural areas. The reason why they prefer to hire women is the belief that women have better eye coordination, better talent, and endurance to manual work as opposed to men.

Neoliberalism is a term used in the description of free markets. It is involved with the policies associated with price regulations, free markets, flexible labor rates, and reduction of the size of the government. In this case, scenario, the adoption of free markets has critically affected the workers; these are only because the package comes along with cheap labor hence low remuneration rates. These, in turn, affect the purchasing power of the worker thereby escalating poverty.

Private sector such as maquiladora gaining control of economic factors from the public sector has led to unhealthy completion achieved through deregulation and launch of domestic markets - these limits the government ability to run fiscal budgets hence the presence of maquiladora in Mexico.

Young women are termed desirable maquiladora workers because of their presumed docility and dexterity. They are easily manageable, ready to explore new roles, more creative compared to the married ones whom from time to time have to think about their families.

Question 2. Rape Culture

It is a complex term; its definition is in many different ways depending on one's cultural beliefs and moral understanding. Concerning this case scenario, it is beliefs associated with male sexual aggression towards the female counterpart and perceived as normal since society support the immoral behavior.

Most women in societies associated with rape culture do not see the threat of violence, which leads to touching, and later the rape. Some of these women will find it abnormal if their masters are cuddly and loving. It extends from homes to the workplace, social places, and even the borders of neighboring countries. The maquiladoras are a good example, whereby managers tend to improvise for a specific provision, which led them to come up with protective techniques to shield themselves. Mexico is a patriarchal country; gender relations manifested from home to workplaces whereby reversal of roles seen as an unwelcome change.

Outrage is permissible especially when we witness this atrocity of inhuman nature, and we are well aware that it is painful to be in a rape culture society. The only solution is to interrupt and be willing to see it for what it is.


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