Management and Marketing of the Apple and Samsung Companies

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Date:  2021-03-23

Throughout the decades, Apple and Samsung have been considered the greatest manufacturing companies on electronics. The two companies deal with electronics ranging from laptops, PCs, Tablets and Phones. The release of Galaxy S3 by Samsung triggered Apple to answer back with the release of iPhone 5. The release of the two phones generated a heated debate about the two companies. A great rivalry was generated as the two companies made tremendous innovations day after day to outweigh one another. Even though the competition has helped the consumers of the phones to have access to the phones with advanced technology, the companies have worked incredibly hard to maintain their client base (Bowen, Gordon and Wilson). This has occurred due to the good management of both companies. The essay will, therefore, seek to elaborate on the comparison of the two companies, Apple and Samsung on their ways of operation and the demand and supply of their products.

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The two companies are good at phone production. They have developed phones with the best technology that suit their clients satisfaction. Even though their phones are good, there is a diminutive difference between them. First, the size of their phones vary. As for Apple, the production of their phones is centered on portability. They produce very phones that are longer but not wider or thicker. As for Samsung, they produce phones which are bigger in size with the whole idea centered on the easiness with which on can watch movies on them and browse web pages easily. Even though Apple was right on phone production concerning size, Samsung never lost the demand for its phones.

The demand for both companies regarding phone production has fluctuated about the size and the appearance of their phones (Schneiders and Sascha). Steve Jobs of Apple once said that the minutest phones are the right size for the consumer. With this, the company continued with the production of phones with small sizes which led to the decline in demand as the test of consumers had changed. With this, the demand for Samsung phones increased making Apple improve their quality. Apple responded vividly thereby recapturing its lost market and had therefore retained its market glory. It is hard to tell which company holds a large market share than the other as they do not break down their earning per product.

Both companies Utilize digital marketing tools extensively thereby creating a strong online presence. This provides adequate consumer engagement and interaction permitting the companies to achieve their goals. The supply of their phones is steady as they are ever involved in the mass production to meet the customer's demand. The demand for their phones ranges with the advancement of technology. The production of a more advanced phone perpetuates an increase in demand for the phone type and consequently an increase in the supply.

Both companies operate under good management. The management of both companies has so far tried to produce the gadgets with the most advanced technologies (Bowen, Gordon and Wilson). Apple operates under the guidance of Steve Jobs while Yoon Boo heads Samsung. Even though Steve Jobs and Yoon Boo have different management strategies, they have managed to spear their companies to stardom. Through the world, people are scrambling for gadgets from either Samsung or Apple, and this is due to the strong leadership qualities.

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