Mahindra Agriculture North America Analysis Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-05

Mahindra is a company that assembles agricultural automotive and other automotive machines. The company main manufactured item is the tractor and thus, the company is termed as the highest selling tractor brand by volumes. The company's largest consumer base in North America, India amongst others. In the year 1994, the company found its branch in the United States. It boasts of various sales networks and service centers in the country. the Mahindra tractor makes major tractor sales in North America that are used for Agriculture practices. In addition to designing and building their tractors, the company looks for tractors from other companies. The Mahindra North America market sources for their product from South Korea, from a company called Tong Yang Moolsan, which is one of the best tractor makers.

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Considerably, the Mahindra used the term rise as the tagline since they thought that it inspires ingenuity. This means that they accept no limits and thus they are inspiring energy for positive energy among the buyers, employees and their stakeholders. The tagline helps the company to renovate and that is a nice strategy for growth. As a suggestion, the company should use agricultural terms to name the innovations that they come up with since it is a company that deals mostly with the manufacture of agricultural types of equipment.

In North America, the Mahindra $20 billion federation was started. The federation started by the company enabled better innovation solutions that were aimed at driving the prosperity of the farmers in rural areas. Secondly, the federation aimed at supporting agriculture so that the product could enhance the lives of people living in urban centers. Nurturing of communities and community fostering was another contribution of Mahindra to the North American agricultural communities. With its strong presence in the fields of agribusiness, industrial equipment, and two-wheelers, the company has employed a total of 240,000 people in a number of countries.

Decision making and strategic planning are the strongest points for the company's growth. The market has found new markets through manufacturing of tractors with advanced horse-power machines. The company has targeted the ranchers and the farmers who ask for the Mahindra tractors as a way of marketing. These customers have experienced the good performance of the machines and also the customers are satisfied with the tractors.

The manufacturing and marketing departments have used color to attract farmers. The color of the land that is cultivated is the one that brands the tractors bearing in mind that the land is a connection to the company and the customers. Mahindra brand is distinguished as a brand because; they are passionate, authentic, connected, and agile.


In North America, the Mahindra footprint is growing larger since it is inclusive of electric scooters, technology, tractors and also vehicles. Considerably, the growth of the company in North America aims at various fronts.

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