M&M Campaign Case Study Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Taco Bell was previously known as Taco Hell since it was known for producing cheap food with poor quality. There is three M&M campaign that was proposed to ensure the brand of the company will be restored.

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Transforming products and price discounts: The Company refurbished its menu, and they provided on price discounts on the clients who tried out their new meals for one month. The Company started offering healthier menus. They offered discounts on the breakfast meal (Fresco). Taco Bell also made improvements on the quality of ingredients in their lunch and dinner menu. There were better beans, beef, and "real pico de gallo" The discounts and improvements in the quality of the list improved sales from 5% about six years ago

Taco Bell focused on specializing in five-course breakfast and dinner meals, and they included healthy cuisines in their meals. They provided room and meals discount to the couples who registered for the accommodation of more than four days. This increased the number of bookings as many couples wanted to try out the experience.

The company partnered with Facebook Company to boost the sales of its new menu. The brand impartiality of M&M's is healthy and an effective way of promoting its online sales f food and cuisines. The company always posts the lists, kitchens, and discounts in their bookings to attract customers to access the company products. The brand's research exhibited a mobile-driven campaign on Facebook, would be an effective way of raising the consciousness of consequently boosting sales. The Facebook campaign yielded positive results in the news feed regarding increasing inquiries our meals and accommodation services thereby leading to an increase in sales revenue.

It was costly to come up with the marketing campaign channeled at restoring the image of Taco Bell an most especially the third step which is Facebook and it cost-incurring to run the Facebook advertisements over a period of time and also the discounts and free deliveries for the clients who bought meals over $150 required cost to cover up the expenses.

The solution to the problems on cost was to be solved through taking a loan which would be injected in ensuring the success of the campaigns, this is a risky solution as the company was not 100% sure that there will be a positive response in terms of raising the sales revenue, since we would depend on the outcome of campaign to boost its sales.


The results from the three campaigns will help in improving the marketing mix of the company. On the product, it will assist in refurbishing the menu of the company. This will help in enhancing the sales revenue of the company. This resulted in restoring the brand of the company and clients developed trust and loyalty to trust with the company in the food they offer. The clients were able to make informed purchasing decisions as the campaign widened the scope of the services it provides. It had helped the company to be in a better position in the industry than before it organized the marketing campaign. Facebook helps in creating traffic on the company site thereby improving lead generation which is an essential aspect of building the clientele base.

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