Justice and Equality in Gaza

Date:  2021-04-06 16:36:07
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National sovereignty of states sometimes undermines the human rights of aliens within a country's territory. While the United Nations stands for equality among people sharing resources, the extreme execution of Palestinians in Gaza remains a top news item for major media stations. The humanitarian crisis facing Palestinians is a matter well documented and known, but neither the civil right activists nor the organizations fighting for equality bother to bring out the truth. Abdullah was shot while crossing the facing separating Israel from Palestine.

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Facing starvation, Abdullah crossed the fence at night to enter their farm that is on the Israel side to fetch food for the family. Usually, Palestinians farming in Israel cross into their farms at designated stations manned by armed Jewish officers. Abdullah made a line as other people, but the station crossed before he could enter to gain access to fresh food supplies. News spread quickly about an attack in a nearby station. Abdullah approached the newsvendor and forcefully took a local edition from the metal stand and flipped it recklessly and he cursed the Jewish oppression. I cannot even take our food home, we planted the crops and vegetables, but they restrict us every time so that they can steal out farm produce. Hesitantly, he read the story citing a terror attack that killed two Jewish officers five kilometers down the fence as the reason that the security team restricted access to their ancestral land. He took a phone out of his pocket, pressed buttons and called, Mother of my children, they closed the gate before we could enter, only their citizens can not go in, take our children we move further north where we can find an alternative route to enter the farm tonight.

Abdullah moved fast through the busy street almost colliding with traders. The smell of dates, dried meat, and fried rice lingered in the air as he skipped across a tunnel and entered a credit facility office. He said to the creditor officer in a humbly way, I want money to buy food and will trade with farm produce. The heavy-built man looked at him and said harshly, We only exchange money with what we can see and touch, your food produce in the Israel farms is too risk for business. The officer chased the tall and slim Palestinian man with a cap balancing on his small head out of his premises. He cursed after him, Silly Palestinians, were trying to help, but they want free things all the time.

The night shadows shrouded Abdullah as he climbed the northern fence and fell into the other side followed by three other locals. Jewish army officers followed the trail and found the three men harvesting food products in Abdullah's farm. Unable to distinguish between terrorists and civil men, the Jewish officers shouted, Surrender or face the bullet. Abdullah and his men cut across the bushes and climbed the fence again. The two men were younger and easily outrun the officers dogs. However, Abdullah struggled against the wires and metal bars and when he was at the top with his right leg on the Palestine side, two Jewish officers appeared from the shadowy shrubs and shot him at a close range. He fell into the Palestine side of Gaza strip, the Jewish troop retreated shouting, and relating their triumphs of success in eliminating the most wanted terrorist. Jewish stations flashed the news of a chase and the eventual execution of Abdullah, the most wanted criminal, but the Palestinians cried foul for a simple family man was killed due to circumstances. The inequalities still existing in the Gaza Strip remains the biggest trial on human history.

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