John McConn: A Model V3 Leader in the Organization & Community - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-16


Leadership plays a significant role in the operations of both the organization and its surrounding based on the actions of John McConn; it is quite evident that he indicated multiple elements of a V3 leadership. Jon McConn, who was the then Global Project manager of a telecommunication organization, exhibited features interested in v3 leadership. The actions that he played in both the organization and the community was vital in driving the key operations of the project.

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The project team which worked hand in hand with leader had multiple team members who had different skills. In this case, the excellent communication skills that were indicated by John played a significant role in ensuring the set goals of the team were achieved within the stipulated time. The team which had members with differing functions, attitudes, and skills tasked with the group leader to ensure that he nurtured and moulded the team member into meeting the expectation of then gaols. In this case, the leader is determined into the course of the organization.

Also, the high level of excellent communication played a significant role in ensuring collaboration among team members. The charismatic nature in alder is usually crucial in guiding other team members into achieving the set goals of the team. The team member and the junior employees usually respect the policies and decisions that are executed by the senior leader. Strategic planning is generally vital in ensuring that policies that have been created by top leadership are implemented as indicated by the qualities of John McConn.

Confidence is usually a significant value among leaders and can be crucial in determining the success or failure of a specific project or Gaols. The complexity of the project as indicated in the case study shows how the high level of confidence exhibited by the leader which he passed onto his team members was crucial in ensuring that the project met its mandate in the organization. A positive attitude is a unique element that drives the passion of most leaders into driving their team or organization into achieving success.

In evaluating the actions of John McConn, it is quite evident that the positive attitude that he indicated towards the project was vital in also ensuring the team members integrated the element of positivity which played a significant role in ensuring the success of the project. Emotional IQ is usually crucial in providing that leaders can understand the motions and attributes of their junior employees and create strategies that will subject that all employees feel comfortable in their actions.

In this case, the application of emotional IQ will be vital in building the confidence of employees, which will significantly boost the morale of most employees. Training programs offered by Joh McConn regarding the project empowered employees, which will lead to the improvement of individual skills of employees.

Based on the case study, it is quite evident that John McConn was a virtuous leader of the entity. The fair play he applied while dealing with both customers and employees was vital in enhancing the performance of the project in the organization. In this case, equity ensured that individuals belonging in different ethnic groups took an active role in performing their tasks without being victimized by the leader.

Punctuality usually a key virtue incorporated among leaders. The leader applied a timeframe, which was essential in ensuring that tasks that had been allocated to the team, members were finished in due time. Creative thinking often offers a leader solution which can hinder the progress of the group.

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