Job Attitude and Organizational Behaviors Essay

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Date:  2022-07-08

Job satisfaction can be defined as the degree of contentment that employees have towards their job (Vasta, 2017). There are many different varying factors that are used to measure an employee's level of satisfaction. Satisfaction depends on specific self-fulfillment felt by employees who enjoy their job and do it perfectly. The level of satisfaction influences the quality of output in an organization. Moreover, there are different factors in the workplace that influences the satisfaction rate in an organization among them being; remuneration, hygiene conditions, working relations, and job security. Different factors of motivation such as recognition and achievement contribute to job satisfaction. In an organization's case study, there exists a causal relationship between behaviors such as absenteeism turnover, productivity and job satisfaction.

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Lower turnover, absenteeism, and lower productivity are results associated with dissatisfaction in the workplace. Satisfaction is a psychological element, and the way it is expressed by the human brain is understandable (Bakotic, 2016). When an employee is not satisfied by salary scale, conditions of work, leadership, job security and the relationships in the workplace, then the cases of absenteeism increases. The rate of productivity goes low due to lack of motivation. Moreover, lower turnover is also a threat to the company's productivity (Yousef, 2017). Lack of satisfaction causes negative attitudes from employees, therefore, causing a negative response towards their work.

Remuneration, leadership and job security are among the factors that determine the attitudes and the level of satisfaction among employees (Yousef, 2017). Being assured that the job security is good, an employee develops a good attitude towards where they work. In addition, great achievement and recognition cause motivation thus bringing about job satisfaction. Moreover, the style of leadership and personal relationship can affect the level of employee satisfaction. Bad leadership causes dissatisfaction. Also, remuneration of employees leads to their motivation and therefore increasing job satisfaction. The attitudes of people in a workplace depend on motivating factors in the organization.


To conclude, both leaders and employees have to understand the wanted attitude in the workplace and satisfaction in order to improve the overall output. A positive attitude leads to satisfaction at the workplace whereas bad mood with bad attitude causes dissatisfaction in the workplace (Vasta, 2017). Therefore, to achieve job satisfaction, flexible work arrangements and a positive working environment, good leadership and other motivation factors should be incorporated by the organization.


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