Intersection of Gender and Media Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Media can be termed as one of the most crucial aspects in today's society because it is an exceptional platform that seems to portray the issues that individuals experience. Media plays an essential role in promoting gender equality in working environments; it also represents the stereotypes associated with both women and men. Over the years, the relationship between gender and media has dramatically advanced because these two entities continue to connect progressively. Despite this significant progress, there have been issues related to the intersection of gender and media. Some of these issues include gender, moral and ethical issues within society.

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The most controversial issue regarding the intersection between gender and media is gender stereotyping. In media, gender stereotyping affects both men and women. These issue of gender stereotyping has affected how different roles are assigned in media. It has reached a point that tasks are not awarded based on qualifications, but gender. This issue has therefore led to discrimination of the lesser preferred gender, the women. Thus, there are two different perspectives on the subject of gender stereotyping in the media. In regards to the intersection of gender and media, it is evident that the media plays a significant role in promoting gender stereotypes in society.

In the first point of view in gender stereotyping, media promotes male dominance in society. Men are considered tough, sturdy, and durable, both physically and intellectually. On the other hand, women are supposed to be emotional, soft, and caring. Hence they are expected to be supportive of the men. This perception is highly problematic since it discriminates and degrades women. This discrimination is profoundly depicted in the employment sector by how Television and radio stations choose their employees. It is evident that men are usually assigned with superior roles that have more authority whereas women are assigned support and junior roles that have less power. Other than that, male dominance is highly illustrated in films and TV programs. The dominant and main characters are usually men whereas women are assigned with minor casting roles. Other than that, movies and TV programs with male main characters typically have a high production budget whereas those with leading female actors have a lesser production budget (Easteal, Patricia, Kate and Keziah).

In the second point of view in gender stereotyping, media has had a significant influence on gender roles. As media depicts, women are only valuable in their young ages as these exhibits their sexuality and beauty. In films, television programs, media production, and the music industry, females are represented in a degrading manner from the characters and roles they play, the dressing and even the careers assigned to them. Media sexualizes women and portrays that that sexuality and beauty is the only asset and potential that a woman could have (Bartsch, Robert, et al. 735-743).

On the other hand, media depicts men as responsible, hardworking and leaders. In films, television programs, media production, men play characters who have stable careers, prosperous lives, and responsibilities. Meanwhile, in the music industry men are mainly the bosses. This perception of gender roles has an impact on society. Most people tend to believe that what the media showcases are what is acceptable in society. Society conforms to gender roles that the media portrays. Other than that, the media leaves little room for different definitions of masculinity. Media demeans caring men who support women and oppose violence against women. This, therefore, promotes an imbalanced vision of gender roles within society (Bartsch, Robert, et al. 735-743).

From these two perspectives, it is evident that media and gender have a big interception in a way that these two entities depend on each other. Unfortunately, the connection between media and gender lies more on the negative side than on the positive side. It is with no doubt that the media is a powerful platform that could be used to address the issue of gender stereotyping. However, this power if not effectively used, becomes a weapon by promoting gender stereotypes against women. Despite this, media cannot be entirely blamed for gender stereotyping as cultural and social norms within society also influence it.

From my analysis on this specified rhetorical framework, media is a dominant means of communication. Therefore, the stereotyping of men and women could undermine progress intended for gender equality. This means that for there to be any positive progress on the issues of gender equality, the media needs to help. This is because media is a power source that has a significant influence on the promotion of social values regarding gender. It is also evident that the media could work against both men and women by creating unrealistic expectations. Therefore, the intersection between media and gender should be among the top topics that need to be discussed if at all the goal is to do away with gender stereotyping and introduce gender equality (Easteal, Patricia, Kate and Keziah).

Given the fact that media is a highly reliable platform and is depended on by a majority of individuals, then it would be the perfect platform to address the issues relating to gender. It is essential to understand that media does not intend to promote the stereotypes regarding gender, The media acts as a mirror to show us precisely what happens in society. If the media portrayed gender equality, then society would be blinded into assuming that there are no stereotypes when gender inequality exists. Therefore we should use the media as a source of information to know precisely what gender issues need to be addressed.

It is essential that we do not take lightly the gender issues that we see in films, television programs, media production, and even the music industry. Taking these issues into consideration is critical because the media represents society's real form. The media, therefore, have to conform to what happens in the community to make sure that the target audience relates and identifies with the content. With these representations, one can agree that the media is a credible source that exposes the issues that people avoid addressing. However, I think that the media should take the responsibility of showing individuals the positive impact that gender equality would have on the society.


In conclusion, media is a powerful tool that could play a significant role in the evolution of cultural and societal gender norms. The intersection between media and gender could be taken advantage of to create a positive impact on gender equality in society. If media portrays fairness in gender, then society would also adapt to the changes hence eradicating the existing negative gender stereotypes. Therefore it is essential that the people controlling the critical aspects of the media pay attention to identify and address the imbalances regarding gender. The media could be used as a tool that not only identifies gender issues in society. It could help address these issues by making sure that the content displayed talks about the benefits and the positive impact of gender equality within society.

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