Immigrant Children and Medical Care

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Date:  2021-03-12

Access to medical care should be made easier and convenient. Plans should be taken to ensure that immigrant children can access affordable medical care. Medical personnel can be stationed at the daycare so as to attend to emergencies quickly. Immigrant parents might not be able to afford medical bills when their children fall sick; the daycare should, therefore, foot some or all of these bills when they fall due. The daycare can also use existing government policies to access subsidized medical supplies to meet the medical needs of the children. A clean and serene environment will stimulate creativity and keeps some preventable diseases at bay.

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Immigrant children should be counseled as they are in most instances traumatized though they might front a resilient face. Separation from parents and adult responsibilities thrust upon them from a tender age predisposes immigrant children to a range of psychological issues that can negatively affect them in their adult life. Counseling sessions in the daycare should be initiated so as to cater or the needs of these vulnerable children. It is important that the children are able to have access to employment opportunities so as to sustain themselves and start their lives on a clean slate. The daycare can create linkages with employers so that the children can be trained and equipped with job market skills. The children should however not be mistreated in any way given their immigrant status. They should be served equally like any other employee. Skill matching should be done so that the child performs a job that they are most skilled at. They should be asked what their preferences are and the skills they possess that will enable them make the most impact.

A mechanism where the children are able to air their views and grievances should be set up. The childrens ideas should be given due consideration as they might help to improve the daycare. They should also be encouraged to open up on the issues that affect them so that appropriate action can be taken. Such an atmosphere fosters good relations amongst the children and the caregivers. It also becomes easy to note a character that is slightly odd. A child who is always bubbly and full of life, when suddenly becomes subdued and withdrawn can be a sign that something might be a miss, and corrective action needs to be taken ("Child Care Law Center | Equal Access", 2016).

Immigrant children need extra special attention in an effort to fit them in the new community. It is important that their needs are well understood and addressed lest they harden up as they have been through enough issues already. They should be empowered to fend for themselves as they grow into adulthood. Children who have had troublesome childhoods in most often end up being criminals. Avoiding such an eventuality starts with lending them an understanding ear when they want to be heard.


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