Human Resources Manager: Ensuring Company Success - Essay Sample

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The human ensures the filing and maintenance of reports, plans events, processes payroll, and handles inter-office communication within the organization.

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Compensation and Benefit Manager

The manager manages explicitly benefit plans such as life and health insurance, life, and other programs, including employee assistance programs.

Operations and Production Organizational Chart

· Safety and Environmental Manager

It is the primary function in any organization and, precisely, one that involves food production. For instance, in a small business, one person can handle air and water quality, product quality, training, and filing all essential monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

· Accountant, Controller

Moreover, this also one of the vital functions of an organization that mainly involves managing cash. The person in this position has the responsibility of filling income statements and collection of receivables and managing the money.

· Office Manager

The person in this position also may play the role of purchasing agent or human resource director. This employee's responsibility is generally to supervise every activity that is not involved in the production. Moreover, the individual can be in charge of some marketing duties.

· Receptionist

The receptionist is also considered the "front-line" person in charge of phone calls, greets visitors, and the mail. Also, the receptionist does the billing and other tasks as directed by the office manager.

· Sales and Marketing Manager

The marketing manager handles all activities that involve promoting and selling the product. Indeed, controlling this duty in a small business got done by the top management person.

· Purchasing Manager

The responsibilities of this individual can get filled by both the senior management person and the office manager. In this case, the supervisor is also involved.

· Shipping and Receiving Person Manager

This person may not be working on a full-time basis in a business that has not yet developed. However, a person needs to get given responsibility for ordering transportation for delivery and receiving finished goods and stock. It may involve many people, such as the office manager and accounting clerk.

· Professional Staff

There is an essential aspect of every company, new or existing, and thus are the organization's professional staff resources. For instance, it comprises of an accountant, a computer consultant, and a local doctor to a medical facility.

· Director of Products

This person is in charge of production activities and coordinating resources specifically for quality products. However, being a sole director may undermine consultation from other people, thus the high chances of low productivity.

· Sales Officer

The person in this post ensures the organization's sales target gets achieved through effective and appropriate planning. However, if such personnel work alone and set goals that are not achievable, the organization cannot progress.

· Designer

These individuals are part of decision making and thus influence the strategy of the organization. Failure to employ a designer with skill can be a significant setback because the organization's growth relies on the ability to frame sophisticated design.

· Finance Analyst

The role of a financial analyst is to research both microeconomic and macroeconomic scenarios. By gathering financial information, business analysts can make recommendations for the organization to prosper, such as investment.

· Machine Operator

The responsibility of a machine operator is to perform different tasks such as monitoring and maintenance of the machines. Also, the operator adjusts machine settings to enhance the performance of various duties accurately.

· Inspector

This person is assigned the role of monitoring operations and meeting production standards. Also, the inspector can inspect and measures the products got produced.

· Administration Manager

This manager supervises the daily activities of the administrative department and staff members. This position plays a role in hiring and evaluating employees and taking appropriate action when necessary. Also, the manager ensures developing and improving administrative policies and procedures.

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