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Date:  2023-02-13


The human resource department has the role of taking care of and managing the most crucial resource of the firm, which are people. As such, their daily workload entails hiring workers, managing benefits and payrolls and recruiting new talent among other personnel tasks. Most human resource departments usually use human resource management systems to enhance productivity and restructure duties. Through the human resource management system, the department can systematize routine tasks and free time for staff members to concentrate on sections that need more modified attention. The paper will entail an exploration of the elements of human resource management systems and the sub-elements and issue a brief summary of every element in the implementation method.

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The first element entails management, leadership, and accountability on health, safety, and environment. The organization needs to have a renowned health, safety, and environment strategy account, which has been authorized by the senior management. The implementation will entail analysis of values to manage hazards linked with activities conducted by the organization. The organization further needs to ensure that these accountabilities have been communicated to managers. Concerning leadership accountability, the firm will involve employees in developing strategies for achieving the set vision and further encourage responsibility at all levels of the organization. Furthermore, the manager will be clear about all accountability levels within the firm. They will also trust their workers and encourage them to be involved in decisions that have an impact on their roles and responsibilities.

The next element is the legal requirements and document control. In this case, an organization needs to have a procedure for recognizing appropriate current and pending health, safety, and environmental legislation. A document management system is also necessary to ascertain the technique, location, and extent of time they are kept. As such, an effective procedure should be presented and where everyone in the firm can assess the document.

Risk and change management is the third element. The firm ought to have an appropriate and adequate documented procedure for identifying all pertinent risks. Besides, suitable and sufficient risk assessments need to be conducted. At the implementation method, the process used to rank the risks should be in line with the process documented. Also, contingency plans should be developed. Having a plan for the dangers ahead of time will ensure that the firm is better prepared and as such, will be more successful in keeping the creativity on track.

There is the element of planning, goals, and targets. In this case, there should be a documented process that defines the way the health, safety, and environment is considered during business planning. At the implementation process, everything should be in place to ensure that all business activities will adhere to health, safety, and environment. The firm should have a team to set objectives. They can also set themselves more targets for improvement intervals.

The fifth element is competence and training. An analysis of training needs should be conducted and which will entail aspects such as control of work, environmental awareness, and hazardous communication, among others. In the implementation method, all workers should have the relevant knowledge and skills to ensure they can work productively and as per the requirements of the company. A learning plan for every organizational member will be designed to address uninterrupted job-related knowledge, professional progress, and wide-ranging education objectives. For the job-related training goals to be established, it will be crucial to access the skills and competencies needs of workers.

Security is another element where it looks at whether there is a personnel database in utilization. In the implementation method, the firm ought to have developed an electronic personnel database. It will comprise of staff information such as current age and which can be seen by any interested party. Additionally, individuals who undertake the necessary measures for the security of the organization will be rewarded and recognized as a motivational strategy.

The seventh element is health and hygiene. It looks at whether the firm has a documented policy on substance abuse. An organization can have a smoking policy where smoking is prohibited in company cars that are used by more than one person for employees. Moreover, employees who wish to smoke can only do so during lunch breaks or at their own time and not when carrying duties and responsibilities for the firm. In the implementation method, there will be team leaders accountable for promoting and maintaining the policy. Besides, when visitors do not comply with the system, they will be asked to leave the premise.

Environmental management is another element where the organization should be concerned about the environment. The implementation method will constitute setting guidelines on the utilization and conservation of natural resources, protection of habitats, and hazards control. Communication on how to undertake these elements will be enhanced.

Incident reporting and investigation is the ninth element that assesses whether a company has a recognized system for reporting, scrutinizing, and managing incidents. The implementation method will entail establishing a computerized system where employees can easily record any event effectively. It will also be quicker this way, and an individual will be evaluating the incidents reported to determine their urgency. He or she will then forward the information to the relevant authorities for the necessary actions to be undertaken.

Crisis and emergency management is another element that seeks to assess whether there is a documented process for detecting predictable emergency circumstances. The implementation method will entail planning responses and crisis management procedures for numerous crises. Also, it will constitute a launch of systems that can efficiently observe or even detect emergencies signals early enough and thus tackle the situation before it worsens.

The last element of human resource management is monitoring, audit, and review. There should be a well-defined measurement criterion in this case and system for documenting the health, safety, and environmental performance. The implementation procedure will constitute assigning the employer and employees duties. The employer will be required to provide competent auditors and inform workers of auditing and monitoring schedules. He or she will also ensure that records are available to those who are interested in them, such as regulators and third-party auditors.

The paper has explored the elements of human resource management systems and the sub-elements and issued a brief summary of every element in the implementation method. Eleven aspects have been explored and include management, leadership and accountability, legal requirements and document control, risk and change management and planning, goals, and targets. It has further assessed competency and training, security, health and hygiene, environmental management, incident reporting and investigation, crisis and emergency management and monitoring, audit and review. The implementation methods of these elements have also been presented. For instance, the implementation method of monitoring, audit, and review entails assigning duties to the employer and employee. Competent auditors should also be availed by provided by the employer. In the end, the human resource management systems aim at ensuring the company performs efficiently.


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