HR Management Essay Example - Interview Supervisor

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Date:  2021-04-20

In many organizations and workplaces, the number of employees under supervision ranges from twenty to thirty depending on the size of the workplace. Most organizations have both open and closed layout given that some employees get charged with duties that require privacy. The open design is the easiest to supervise as the supervisor has a good view of the operations going on.

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The challenges faced by directors depend on their strengths and weakness. New supervisors face more challenges when it comes to management. For instance, some workers are incompetent and lack the required skills for the tasks assigned to them. This ineffectiveness makes it difficult for the supervisor to tolerate. Pounding peace proves challenging to most of the monitoring individuals. Some of the employees decry or persistently dislike the decisions made by the directors as far recommendation is concerned.

In remote management, the supervisor has to make several communications on a daily basis for efficient management to be realized. Another common challenge faced is dissension. Employees at times come to disagree among themselves. Resolving these conflicts without necessarily interfering with the employee's activities is very tricky. Destruction by employees is also a problem. Employees keep seeking advice or even assistance. When this request for help occurs almost every hour, it may destruct the supervisor from carrying out their office work efficiently.

Supervisors in given workplaces have more challenges they go through in their management process. I recommend a new controller to always take a keen interest on the employees expectations and interest. The new director should learn to apply always the motivational techniques to employees to prevent them from turning over. The supervisor should also implement the peaceful methods of conflict resolution without being in support of any party in case two employees are involved.

Employees in every workplace have reasonable expectations from the supervisor. Orientation makes the first anticipation an employee looks forward to within the first few weeks of employment. These brief introductions of the workplace, systems, and procedures makes the employee familiar with the workplace are far as the location of the resources are concerned. The respectful and positive workplace is also another essential requirement for the employee to provide the best of their service. An environment that has a proper communication channel and a right relationship are required. None of the employees anticipates being dictated around as they work but giving instructions to the best abilities.

The employee expects the supervisor to give out the job description as well as the job expectations stipulated in the objectives. Team coaching is necessary whenever new techniques are required. The company under the support of the supervisor should take care of that. Supervisors should always prioritize on the interest of the employees.

A healthy organizational culture should first take into consideration when and how to deal with its employees when it comes to rewards and punishment. In almost every business organization, profit becomes the priority in every laid project. For this to be attained, the business organization has to take a keen interest in the attitude that the employees have toward their work. Under normal circumstances, motivation is very critical in the improving the work rate of the employees. Any organization that is termed successful has inevitably taken into consideration the interest of the employee. Human beings have to be motivated every time they tend to work hard despite some common failures in their duties. The inspiration makes them have the sense of belonging to the organization in place. Giving rewards as well as salary increment is a good motivational technique that keeps the employees feel honored.

The management style in the organization has a lot to do with the organizational culture. All forms of management are considered virtuous depending on the workplace principles. The ethical challenges often experienced in organizations. Disagreement is the common ethical problem that results from moral imperatives. Solving one will mean relegating the other. Integrity and trust prove challenging to most supervisors.

Proper remuneration and rewards prevent employees from moving from their current jobs. Salary increment motivates the employee and prevents them from turning to other workplaces. This occurrence is because as the economy goes up, the money value decrease and this makes it difficult for the employees to meet their daily needs.

There are several ways of conflict resolution in the workplace. The best technique is the rogerians. The methods advocate for solutions to the problems without getting into debates but only finding common grounds to which the issue in argument lie. This strategy is known as a person-centered therapy. A good employee is an individual who is responsible enough is pursuing the designated duties, well scheduled to ensure production of quality work and ever punctual. A good employee shows out the anticipated professional conduct and is always obedient to both the manager as well as fellow employees.

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