How to Be a Champion Rower - Personal Essay Sample

Date:  2021-06-14 01:18:16
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The transformation from a guy/girl-next-door to a rowing Olympic champion is not easy but it is not impossible. Being a champion rower is more than just being good at rowing, it involves much more.

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Below are some of the tips on how to be a champion rower: One Word: Fight

One word: Fight. Anyone can do it when it feels good. When youre hurting, that is when it makes a difference, so you have to keep fighting. This is a quote from the 2008 woman rowing champion, Erin Cafaro.

A lot of people are good at rowing, really good, but what makes the difference between such a person and a champion is the fight that they put up. When training to become a champion rower, you will have to fight your sleep in the morning as you get up to train, fight exhaustion, fight your opponents (not physically), and fight any opposition that you may encounter. Get ready for a lot of fighting.

Train with Your Teammates as Often as Possible

Rowing is a team game, and no matter how hard you train alone, it wont count if your teammates are not as good as you are. Therefore, every chance you get, bring your teammates together and train with them. If you want to be the best, you have to train better and longer than the best rowing champions in the world at the moment.

Brad Alan Lewis, an Olympic gold medalist in rowing, sums this up in a single statement, Long live the elite rowers motto: early to bed, early to rise, never meet the regular guys.

Get Faster

What is the point of training early before dawn and sleeping late in the night if you dont get better? The aim of each training session you have is to get better, and getting better in rowing is getting faster. Every week, time yourself. Record the time that your team spends rowing through a particular distance. Record this for a week and get an average. The week after, do the same but ensure that your hands move faster on the pedal and use less time to cover the same distance.

Eat Right

Rowing takes a lot from you physically, from your arms, through your core, and to your feet. To maintain the strength that is required to be a champion rower, ensure that you eat well. Your diet should contain both high and low carb foods to give you strength and keep you healthy. In each of these diets, the one constant should be fruits and vegetables.

Let Your Hair Down

Who said that champion rowers dont get to have fun? Once in a while, get your friends or teammates and go out for maybe a movie or drink, whatever fancies you. Or you could just stay at home with a good book, a movie or a cup of tea. This is necessary to ensure that you dont break down from all the pressure that comes with training.

You dont need to train your whole life to become a champion rower; you just need to understand how to train to become one. There are three things that you require to be the best: Consistency, Teamwork, and Fight. You cannot master what you do if you are not consistent, and if your team is not as good as you are, being the best is going to be a tad difficult.

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