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Date:  2022-06-27


Majority of people hold the belief that everyone is equal before the law and they deserve the rights allowed by the government. There are numerous questions about the rules of marriage, that is, their origin and who formulates them. Everyone has a goal to achieve in life, and the purpose of the majority is to live a happy life. Happiness lies entirely on two matters: jobs and love lives. A large number of people secure a perfect job through being educated. It, therefore, supports the fact that there is no formula for finding an ideal match. Hunter (75) says that gay marriage is one of the most controversial issues that the modern society finds itself in a dilemma. Ethically, the union between to individuals who feel genuine love for each other should override the moral lessons on homosexuality. A large number of the world population hold the belief that same-sex marriage should be legal since they feel that the couples are not in a position to contribute to the society which heterosexuals are not in a place to achieve. However, this is not the case. Gay marriages should be legalized based on the reason that they do not affect the society negatively. It should be recognized just as heterosexual marriages are.

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Among the chief explanations held by those who are for gay, matrimonies are that just like other citizens when an individual conforms to the regulations of the government, remits his/her taxes and assists his/her society well, then that the person should be rendered his/her rights and privileges as an American citizen. This situation subjects those with a gay orientation to face too much discrimination from the society. Loyal and patriotic citizens should be accorded the respect that they deserve, taking into consideration their sexual orientation as well. It, therefore, doesn't matter whether they are gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or straight.

On the same note, the love that one develops towards another person should not be confined to their sexual orientation. Polikoff (2) says that a person has the right to fall in love with whoever he/she wants to fall in love. In this regard, no one has the right to determine the kind of person that someone falls in love. The notion that people disagree with marriage between two people should not be the basis of denying marriage to take place. Marriage is as a union between two consenting individuals who agree to be together in matrimony. However, according to Polikoff (4), mainstream opinions describe marriage as a legal unification concerning a man and a woman.

Some conservatives also hold the belief that gays usually fail to meet the requirements of marriage. From their perspective, gay marriages restrict family standards and principles. This perspective also believes that children from gay parents will be limited to gay. From this, the conservatives try to portray that gay marriages cannot contribute to procreation. Conservatives usually view gay marriages from a religious point of view. However, these are generally just opinions which the government law should not be inclined. The law that guides a state should not be based on beliefs. The laws should be based on equality of citizens, facts, and justice.

Similarly, the legalization of gay marriages would not affect other people. Every individual believes that for every person, there is that person who is always out there to love them. Based on this reason, gay persons also feel the same way. According to Baiocco, et al. (285), it means that gay couples will need the assistance of adoption agencies to have children, just like other couples. However, in most cases, during adoptions, most gay couples are usually subjected to the waiting lists. Matrimony should be based on true Friendships that are considered to as durable. In this way, marriage should be seen as a legal or a religious ceremony which formalizes a decision that two individuals make to live together as a married couple. If this is what marriage is, then why gay marriages should be legalized?

There is a growing need of people in the society to be more accepting of ideas. They should not be afraid of changes that take place in the society. Change is inevitable. It is because of evolution that currently, people embrace others from different races, religions, and preferences. If it were not for change, the United States of America would not have been flourishing. Seidman (130) assert that the American constitution declares that every individual should enjoy equal treatment, whether it is from the state or other American citizens. Outlawing gay marriages means that the entire society is treating them in a manner that they are not equal to heterosexuals. It calls for advocacy since the sexual orientation should not be the primary reason for compromising the principles on which the constitution is founded. It means that the opinions of the society on matters that are morally right or wrong should not dominate the consequence of what is ethically correct. Legalization of gay marriages should be based on ideas of liberty, the pursuit of happiness, equality of humanity and that every humankind should have an opportunity for justice under the law. The rule of law should, therefore, apply here.

Another reason as to why gay marriages should be legalized is that not every boy may want to date a girl and not every girl would want to date or marry a boy. Baunach (370) notes that the fact that their feelings are different does not mean that these people are not sincere with themselves. Gays have the same thoughts and the same feelings, just the same way as heterosexuals or straight individuals have. It means that within its means, no government has powers to make homosexuality go away. It is natural for men and women to identify their significant other. It doesn't matter whether they are the same sex. Finding such a person will develop the urge to engage in a sacred union of marriage with that individual and enjoy all the benefits that such union entails. In as much as there will be a desire among the people to engage in gay marriages, there will always be same-sex marriages.

Brewer (280) asserts that over a very long period, many societies have considered gay marriages as a practice of non-standard sexual behavior. A lot of evidence has shown that gay relationships have always existed since time immemorial. It means that several people have still misjudged that sexual orientation is a choice. The belief holds that gays can be transformed to be straight any moment they would want. Sexual orientation has biological causation, and it is unalterable and congenital. A person born gay has nothing to do about the situation, and it is hard to change the situation. It is, therefore, to subject them to unfair treatment differently from others because it is not their choice to be gay.

However, a different opinion holds that gay marriages should not be legalized because the behavior results in the higher risk of health implications. Halkitis (1628) identifies some of these health problems to be HIV/AIDS and psychological disorders. Gay marriages may also lower life expectancy, and therefore such a marriage should not be effected into law because it will complement the cost of the hospital industry. The primary purpose of matrimony is procreation and companionship. Marriage should, therefore, create an environment for raising children. Gay marriages should not be legalized because they cannot naturally procreate. It means that natural marriages are in a good position to constantly offer a cherishing atmosphere for the growth and development of the succeeding generation. It is superlative for children to be upraised by their genetic parents.

Similarly, legalization of gay marriages would demoralize the sacred institute and custom of marriage. Marriage should be maintained between a man and a woman to preserve cultural and religious traditions. The allowing gay marriages would pose a threat to heterosexual marriages. Legalizing it would be the first step to transformation and abolish the organization of traditional household. Legalizing gay marriages would also weaken the definition of marriage. There are increasing single-parenthood and divorce, and these have already undermined the correct meaning of marriage. Legalizing gay marriages would further erode the respect for marriage.


In conclusion, love is not bias to race, religious affiliation, creed or sexual orientation. Whether gay marriage is legalized or not, there will always be same-sex relationships, which will, in turn, lead to same-sex marriages. There is need to take charge of the legalization of the gay marriage issue due to the controversy that accompanies it. Different views on gay marriage and the arguments should be balanced.

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