Following Orders in the Navy. Paper Example

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Date:  2021-03-26

As a matter of fact, not only in the navy that one should follow order but also in general life. An order is a prescribed way and methodology that one should do carry out their duties. Thus, in case study if a navy, following orders that have been bestowed by the current system of governance is vital in order to increase work effectiveness. The aim of this paper is to evaluate and discuss why navy officers should follow orders during the course of their operation.

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Firstly, following orders, for instance in war, can be vital so that communication effectiveness can be regarded. These officers therefore should follow the instructions that their seniors are giving them in order to have an easy time for coordination and performance of their mission. In other words, proper recognition of orders is vital to enhance easy achievement of the mission that the group is tasked to achieve. In addition, the seniors will be at a capacity to easily manage their operations under certainty.

Secondly, as the part of the core values that navy officers are taught during their training, they recognize that following orders go hand in hand with discipline. In this case, discipline means that one can do what their seniors are saying without consideration of their age, gender and superiority. In addition, personal discipline is a requirement in the navy so that one can be at a position to manage their own time, plan how to spend their resources and family. All these can be easily achieved if one recognizes the importance of following orders, rules and regulations in the navy.

Thirdly, it is important to follow instructions or orders is integral element of good signs of leadership. For instance, during a training session, one can easily recognize a person who can be a good leader just by a look on how each particular individual recognizes and values orders from their seniors. Hence, during the selection and promotion of new leaders, the senior officers looks at the history that one has been recognizing rules and regulations in their scope.

In addition, following orders ensures a smooth running of the navy. Considering that there are many navy officers in one station, their ability to value and follow the orders that are at their disposal is considerably vital for easy operations. Smooth and easy running of the whole unit means that the senior officer and supervisors will have an easy time to manage and plan on the successive events of the organizations. Moreover, every officer knows their work and does it to perfection at the right time and place.

The navy officers should also follow orders during the course of their operation as a sign of unity. For example, when a senior officer directs the junior ones on what to do, and at end of it they resist, it shows lack of togetherness and unity in that particular organization. On the other hand, if there is easy following of these set orders, it definitely shows a spirit of cohesiveness and togetherness in that place. This is also vital for easy running of the organization.

In conclusion, it is clear that following orders in the navy is considerably vital. It leads to communication effectiveness, shows signs of discipline, spirit of leadership and ensures smooth running of the organization. Thus, when everyone in a navy unit, either senior or junior follows the orders, there will always be a guarantee that everything will be a harmony.

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