Film Analysis Essay Sample on Modern Times

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Date:  2022-10-15


Modern time is an American movie that is set as an invective of the machine age. The main actor is Trump, a man who appears insane in the story as a result of the dreariness of his job. Charlie Chaplin is the director and the writer of this interesting film in the year 1936. The film is considered as a silent movie because of no it only allows for vision, but the audio part is not taken care of.

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When the story begins, Trump works at a food processing company. He works in line with other workmates where they screw nuts into the machinery. However, after some time he faces a mental problem and starts to cause chaos in the factory before he is sent to the hospital when he can no longer work peacefully with other workers. Thereafter Trump gets to be taken care of in the hospital, and he recovers despite having lost his job due to his initial status. He, therefore, takes a walk in the street and gets arrested mistakenly as a ringleader of a communist demonstration that was going on.

After the arrest, Trump is jailed for the mistake, not his. The troubles continue in his situations when he unknowingly ingests handle contraband cocaine for salt. The effect of cocaine drives him crazy and avoids being locked into a cell. At the moment, he is considered a hero and given special treatment after unconsciously knocking convicts and therefore qualifies to be released. Nevertheless, he argues for maintaining being in jail.

Contrary to Trump wishes to maintain saving a jail term, he is released and applies for a new job. Like other workplaces, he causes chaos- accident. He leaves the workplace after the accident and coincidentally meets an orphan girl child called Ellen who escapes the police after stealing a loaf of bread. Trump with interest for jail tries to save the girl by quoting he is the thief, not the girl but his plans failed after witnesses describe to the police the incident. Determinedly, he eats a lot of food without paying with the aim of getting arrested at a cafeteria. This time, his plans succeed, and he is arrested.

After Trump is arrested, he is placed in a paddy wagon which by accident crushes and gets a chance to escape with Ellen. He later gets a job as a night security officer at a departmental store, where he sneaks in his friend Ellen. That night he shares drinks with the workmates who claim to be hungry and desperate but he wakes up the following morning he gets arrested again. When he is released, and he realizes that Ellen is a cafe dancer, he is offered a job as a singer and waiter. During a floor show at the cafe, police arrive to arrest Ellen for the escape during the crush, at this point, they also escape together for a better future.

Generally, the workers of this story are portrayed to be funny, and most of them behave like robots. For instance, Trump keeps recapping the same signs and remains to act as a controller throughout his lunch break. The owner of the story is shown upon consideration of the main character who hopes for a better future despite a hard struggle and challenges of life. The nature of work in this movie stresses machinery and the author argues that machinery should benefit humanity rather than creating a tragedy to throw people out of work.


According to my view, Charlie Chaplin tries to educate viewers of his movie that as long as we modernize our world by and making machines run most of our duties, we should ensure that this does not cause unemployment to the society. Also, to control massive theft insecurity, the government should ensure her citizens have jobs. Ideally, this is a remedy to poverty, poor economic status, and good health.

Work Cited

Chaplin, Charlie. "Modern Times. " YouTube, uploaded by Lemi Channel, 12 June 2013,

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